Laptop, Netbook, Tablet or Smartphone, Which One Will Be Best For A Corporate Professional

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A lot of people may think that corporate professionals have all the perks in life while enjoying the high ranks in their office, having exclusive affiliations with prestigious groups and the huge income, of course. However, there are also a lot of things that they have to deal with such as the degree of responsibility that comes with their position, balancing work, family life and social life, and choosing which among the state of the art devices today should they get to facilitate their hectic lives.

In deciding whether to get a laptop, netbook, tablet or smartphone, a lot of factors have to be considered by the corporate professional. Among these is the nature of the corporate professional’s work, whether he is always expected in the office or he is always outside meeting clients. Another consideration is the corporate professional’s preference in using the devices. Does he want to have an all in one tool that does all the necessary tasks or does he want to have separate gadgets that will handle the computing, web browsing, call and texting function?

While there are more factors to consider in choosing among the laptop, netbook, tablet or smartphone, here are brief descriptions of each of these devices and how they can be beneficial to a corporate professional:

  • Laptop – This is the most functional among the four devices that we are embarking upon in this article. A standard laptop model these days has the same power and functions of a desktop computer. Although it may not be as compact as the smartphone or tablet, they are convenient enough to carry around especially during travels. Laptops are also indispensable for being able to perform the most functions as compared to the other devices.
  • Smartphones – Mobile phones are also essential devices but for a more functional mobile phone, corporate professionals can choose the iOS, Android or Windows powered phones that can carry games, files, and apps that support one’s productivity. Although it can be relied upon when it comes portability, its small size can be a hindrance in getting convenience in doing some work related and online tasks such as composing email messages, prolonged internet browsing, editing documents, etc. But if one needs a device where he can simply keep himself connected, browse important and urgent documents or read and make quick reply to emails even while on the road, the smartphone will certainly be worth its price.
  • Tablet computers – For corporate professionals who want to prioritize on portability but are still concerned about having more convenience than working on smartphones, tablet computers are their best choice. Tablets can be used for performing light work but its size and operating systems are still enough to rely solely upon for conducting regular work.
  • Netbooks – Netbooks are the more portable versions of laptops. They are smaller and lighter than laptops and can almost do as much functions as a regular laptop can. Some workers such as clerks, secretaries or freelance writers can get along with netbooks as their sole working computers. But corporate professionals, especially those who require a faster and more efficient computer to work in, they should choose laptops as their main working computer. Although, netbooks make great supplementary computers that they can carry around in coffee shops, client meetings, outings, etc., while still working conveniently with a more portable device.

Final Words

Apparently the best device among these four will depend on what a corporate professional wants a device for. While these devices are great for what they are purposely made for, corporate professionals should first ascertain what features are important for him. Most people have at least one of these functional devices but having a combination of two or three of these devices is also ideal in making a corporate professional’s life much easier.

About the author: Kristine M. is fond about the latest gadgets and writing about their best features. She also explores the latest technologies in high speed internet. For more information on these subjects, check out her posts at Broadband Expert.