Letting Go of Hosting Your Own Sites: The Benefits of Managed Hosting

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All businesses interested in creating an online presence must choose whether they’ll host their own site or outsource their hosting responsibilities to a third party. Although hosting your site on your own in-house servers has some advantages, more businesses are switching to managed hosting solutions. For most businesses, the positives of managed hosting are well worth any risks involved. Here we’ll examine the most prominent benefits of managed hosting.

Focus on more important tasks

When you choose to outsource server hosting to a third-party provider, your IT professionals no longer need to deal with a variety of issues, such as security, load times and storage capacity. Likewise, if the servers fail, your team won’t be responsible for repairing them. This allows your team the freedom to focus their time and energy on more important tasks within your company.

Lower costs

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Cloud hosting can save businesses a great deal of money. When businesses host their own sites, they have to purchase all the servers, storage and equipment needed to maintain them effectively. This requires a great deal of investment, as well as ongoing repair and upgrade costs. Cloud hosting, on the other hand, allows a business to share these resources with other users, which in turn reduces the costs for everyone.


Businesses that manage their sites in house are responsible for ensuring they have the resources necessary to store all their data and deliver content to any users that access their sites. Because these needs can change in an instant, businesses who self-host often find themselves with too many or too few resources. Cloud platform hosting, on the other hand, is scalable, which means that the business always has access to the resources it needs and will never pay for more than it uses.

Access to new technologies

The best third-party hosting providers are always upgrading their equipment to provide users with the best, most advanced technology in the industry. When a business invests in cloud hosting, it has access to these new technologies as soon as they become available. Businesses who host their own websites, however, must purchase new equipment on their own. Since few businesses can afford to upgrade their equipment every year, they are often forced to work with older, less effective hosting technologies.

Customized solutions

If a business hosts its own websites, it can decide when, where and how all its resources and equipment are used. Although some business owners fear they’ll lose control over these decisions when they move to the cloud, this simply isn’t the case. Most hosting providers offer a variety of packages for businesses to choose from, as well as multiple options that businesses can use to tailor each package to their individual needs. For example, while premium packages include dedicated server hosting with unlimited bandwidth, less expensive packages may include a shared server with a specific amount of allotted bandwidth.

With so many potential benefits, hosting in the cloud is a wise choice for many businesses. Nonetheless, some business owners are still hesitant to make the move. By learning about the advantages of the cloud, as well as the options available, businesses can reduce their anxiety and begin enjoying all the advantages cloud hosting has to offer.