Merge PST File in Outlook 2016 & Below Versions without any Data Loss


In today’s technical world things have become easier and life has become easier. In the current era, problems seem less difficult and have numerous approaches to resolve them. Among them, the issues that users face on a wide scale is how to merge PST files in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and older versions. So, now no need to panic as PST Merger is at our rescue. The program serves the user with numerous functionalities that are why is highly preferred by the global users. So, in the entire write-up, we will take a complete look on the features of PST Merge Software so that we can easily merge Outlook PST files without any data loss.

Some Incredible Features of PST Merger Program are written below:

  • Merge Outlook PST Files
    The program offers users with multiple options among which one is to merge two/more Outlook data files by creating a new folder for joined Outlook files. The users can easily opt for the option of adding PST files to a common PST file. Every Outlook PST file has the data in their respective folders.
  • Consolidate Multiple Outlook .pst Files
    The software provides users with an environment where they can join all the look-alike folders. Additionally, the users can easily merge 2 PST files i.e., address books, calendars, sent items, inbox, to-do lists, drafts, and so on in a single Outlook UNICODE PST file.
  • Merge Outlook Folders via Three Options
    The PST Merge program provides users with multiple options i.e., Join, Merge Address Books etc. The Join alternative provides the users with combining PST files and making a new PST file out of it. Even the merge option facilitates users with combining similar PST files to a single. Similar goes with the case of Merge contacts option. The three merging options are Join, Merge PST files, and Merge Contacts folders.
  • Combine Contacts Folders in Outlook
    Using this facility, the user can merge an MS Outlook contact that comprises of Outlook data files to a single PST file. The utility even generates single PST file comprising of all address books in one folder. The tool keeps all the meta-properties intact e.g., Name, contact numbers, emails, notes, groups, company name etc.
  • Concatenate PST Files Excluding Duplicate Items
    The application has a credibility to merge 2 PST files. It even excludes duplicate items if found any. The users need to perform is put a checkbox in favor of Remove Duplicate Items and then enable or disable the duplicate remover.
  • Add Folders to Merge PST Files
    If users need to join multiple PST files, then they can add many Outlook files. Even PST Merge program offers the users Add folder option for combining 2 or more than that in a single go. If users want they can perform the process in batch. Additionally, a user can add only one file by hitting on Add files option.
  • Exclude/Include Deleted Outlook Items
    PST Merge software even provides users an option to merge PST files in one. If the user does not want to do same, then, in that case, they can check the option to exclude deleted item folder. Finally, the program does not join deleted items folders to a single merged PST files. It minimizes the time consumption.
  • Complete and Detailed Report Provided
    After the process of combining the folders completes, the tool even provides complete details of the entire process. The detail describes the total number of PST items, total item count, duplicate files and merge status. Moreover, the PST Merge software also provides the users with the name of all merged PST files, their locations and much more.

Requirements of PST Merge tool

While combining the files, very first thing that strikes users mind is How to merge PST files? This question works around a proper answer and it has an answer, to merge the PST files users may try PST Merge utility. The tool has a simple interface and can perform many functions. While performing the task via utility, users should have following pre-requisites installed on the system.

  1. Microsoft Outlook 2000/2002/XP/2003/2007/2010
  2. Pentium II 400 MHz, 64 MB RAM, 10 MB space
  3. Any Windows Platform like XP, Vista, Win 2007, 2008, and 2010

Product Availability- Outlook PST Merger Software

Though being a robust application, it is available in following two versions:

  1. PST Merge Freeware: Program is also available for the trial version using which users can try their hands on it and start working and check its performance. Despite n number of qualities, it has a drawback that it can join first two folders only, merge only first 15 contacts, and merge first 15 items.
  2. PST Merge Full Version: MS Outlook PST merger is currently available for $39 only. On the other side, the program provides benefits to its customers. You can completely trust us and rely on the program as it is completely bug-free.

Combine the deleted items folder & exclude duplicates from combining process
Works brilliantly on PST files types i.e., MS Outlook UNICODE and ANSI
Different option provided to join Outlook contacts files/folders from all PST files
Combine multiple PST files of Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 etc., to a UNICODE file

The program does not comprise of any flaw. But, many users claim that the software is an independent approach. It requires MS Outlook pre-configured in the system.

The Final Note

From the above paragraphs, it is quite clear that the users have rated the product as 9.7/10. It is a wonderful approach to resolve the problems to merge PST files. The users should remain in touch with us and download PST Merge software from our official website.