Modern Business Communication Options: What Service is best for your business?

Cloud Hosting

Every business needs to have a great communication system in place if they want to keep customers. An enterprise phone system allows you to make sure you have the communication system you need so you never miss a phone call. You can have as much or as little as you need and add on when you grow into something.


The Internet has made it possible for you to have your telephone system run without the need for landlines in your business. All your phone calls can go through your existing Internet service and work just the same as your old system. If you have a switchboard with a number of different internal lines, VoIP can handle it. Calls will be transferred the same way they have always been. It is even possible to log into the system form a remote location and receive calls there. A wireless phone gives workers the ability to roam the work complex and not miss a single call because they are not at a desk.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

If your business is not on the Cloud, you should look into it. With the Cloud, you are able to send and receive all kinds of files and even work on them at the same time. When you incorporate your phone system with the Cloud, the possible communication mediums are limitless. You will never have to worry that someone missed out an important memo or other information. Having a cloud is like having everyone in the same room doing the work together.

Digital Phone Systems

Analog just does not have the quality of digital. You will not have to worry about surprise bills. When you use a digital phone plan, you sign up for a plan with the services you need and you pay for them. Every month your bill will be the same. You can have a plan with many phone lines and use it with a switchboard.

Interactive Voice Response

When you have a bunch of different departments, clients do not always know who they need to talk to. With an enterprise telephone system, you can have a voice response system allowing the callers to press numbers and be connected to the proper department. This is helpful if you do not have a full time receptionist or that line is too busy to handle all the calls. You will never have to miss a call again.

Customers will be happy they are not put on hold to find out they are through to the wrong department. You can also have it set up to give out common information so people are not waiting to find out things.
The best telephone system for your business is the one that provides you with everything you need and one you can depend on. You choose if you want to have web conferencing or enable the Cloud. If you have an enterprise system and find you need to add more features to your plan, it is simple and can be done within minutes. Get the phone system you want, nothing more, nothing less, and know what you are going to have to pay for it every month.

About the author: Stella is a tech savvy and a blogger, who writes articles related to hosted voip services and small business telephone systems.