Morocco Developments and Future Technology


An Islamic, Arab, Amazigh, Hassani government, gorgeous with its African, Andalusia, Hebrew, Mediterranean streams, Morocco has a people of more 32 million residents, a country pleased with the desires of its minority and the vigor of its institutions, Morocco of today, big and numerous plans, some of them are familiar internationally. A new structure, an outcome of discussions of all the governmental parties and some relations of the civil cultures in the kingdom, an establishment permitted by the Moroccan people through a survey process, that is lead to on a new establishment for the peoples. A constitution of the parting and balance of the controls, human rights defense and development.

An elected constitution narrates charge with responsibility; defends the freedom and dignity of the citizen, a structure that improves the apparatuses of good governance and the contest against exploitation, a constitution that purifies the Morocco regionalization. The reorganizations in progress after the survey, the first of it is the judicial election give rise to in new lawmaking majority and government with comprehensive powers and new roles implementing the new structure and building future Morocco.

Morocco hosted first Air Trip Without Oil

The sky of the kingdom presented an air tour without oil-linked Europe to Africa, the first journey of the solar instinct plane, from Madrid to Rabat, then Ouarzazate, in the south of the High Atlas Mountains, which covers the big international development of the large solar energy station for electricity making. “For a long time we were intellectual that Europe is the lead of renewable energy machines, but know we are perceiving the opposite, we come from Europe on the solar itch plane to magnificent Morocco, that has the big solar station in the world that practices the new expertise for the energy creation,” said the pilot of the plane. The Switzerland planners have selected Morocco in order to sensibilities the world about of the standing of the renewable energy for the future of the earth that grieves from the oil effluence. They have planned and made the solar impulse plane, after, they have exposed that they are sharing the same logical motivations with the useful plans of the Kingdom of Morocco in the arena of energy.

Morocco Renewable energy production leader

The Moroccan drive plan ambitions at the production of 2000 megawatt of power from the solar energy on the prospect of 2020 in five sites about the kingdom, and with high technology. The solar plan NOOR in Ouarzazate aims to grow a minimum capacity of 2,000 MW by 2020. It should produce savings of over nine billion by 2020 and permit an annual saving of productions of greenhouse gases same to 3.7 million tons of CO2. The city of Jerada, in the east of the kingdom of Morocco, is the place of the growth of the methods of electricity energy manufacture with the use of the sunlight and ordinary gas, this project which is founded in Bani Mathar the first of its generous in the world. The plan will offer 7% of the national creation. It permits the province of Jerada to subsidize up to 20% of national electricity creation by December 2017. This project, on which work started in December 2014, contains a thermal power plant with a supercritical unit of 350 megawatts pulverized coal. It is reached by National Office of Water and Electricity ONEE in partnership with the Chinese worker Sipco. The energy policy is also built on the utilization of the wind plants in numerous areas around the kingdom.

Morocco popularize health services access

In Morocco, the Government authorities are making the living condition better through accessing the great health services by launching the RAMED card. More importantly, the operation of medical care system generalization which is expected to cover 8.5 million underprivileged or poor people.
One of the projects that are considered on large scales aimed at improving to health care, in accordance with the provisions of the new constitution.
The RAMED is based on the principles of social aid and nationwide solidarity for the benefit of deprived people who are not qualified for mandatory health cover. This public system empowers the beneficiaries to have admittance to health care in public hospitals and nationalized health services organizations.
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