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Marketing Campaign for Small Business


Effective marketing and advertising will bring in more clients and sales. Advertising is the effective communication of a message that gets prospects and clients to buy from you instead of going to your competitors. Regular advertising helps prospects to see you as a unique brand and develop confidence in your message and products. A solid […]

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How To Handle The Mobile Web: Some Useful Tips!

Website optimization

In the present era, the revolution of smart phones is no more a surprise now and people expect it to rise day by day. An agency from UN appeared with a report that in the coming one year, the mobile subscription will be more than the count of people. The increasing inclination of people towards […]

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Why Does Printer Ink Cost So Much Money?

printer ink

There is no doubt that printer ink is expensive. We pay a relatively steep price for what is essentially a small amount of ink that is more or less equivalent to a ketchup packet. Although this may seem like a bad deal, there are actually two good reasons why this is the case. The first […]

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Moving Beyond the Marketing Hype – What does “Unlimited” Web Hosting Really Mean?


The internet is full of web hosts offering “unlimited” web hosting packages. Many people who sign up for such packages wrongfully assume that their services are actually unlimited. Some only realize when they exceed the limits and get penalized by the web host. To avoid falling into the trap, it is important to understand the […]

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VoIP Technology – Great Solution for Cheap Calling

network setup voip

Got an opportunity to go abroad? You must be really excited and elated at the numerous possibilities that are going to open up for you. It might be education, seeking employment or any other purposes of your migration. But after the initial enthusiasm of migrating to another country, you see a lot of questions staring […]

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Lloyd 1.5 Ton 3 Star LS19A3P Split Air Conditioner Specifications with Price in India

LS19A3P Split Air Conditioner

Summary Summer is here and the raw blistering heat can really get you down. Your efficiency reduces and you do not feel comfortable at home or at your office. When temperatures go into the high forties it is time to think of cooling. Air conditioners are the answer. You are faced with making a choice […]

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Employ guest blogging to ensure higher ranking for your blog


Summary Guest blogging has been used as a viable tactic for SEO and driving traffic to one’s blog. The proper use of guest blogging can be beneficial for both, the blogger who owns the blog and the one who has written the guest post. However, many of the guest bloggers use black hat SEO techniques […]

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Best Parental Control Software for Android & iPhone

gecko monitor software

Parental control apps are used to filter content and monitor the activity of children or other people on the iPhone or Android devices. There is a large amount of inappropriate content available online and even on websites like YouTube where content is screened, and parental control software is designed to filter that content before children […]

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Social Media Program for Traditional Marketers

social media

As a product manager, it’s your responsibility to execute and deliver on your company’s marketing strategy and goals. To accomplish this, you may be using traditional outbound marketing tactics such as TV, radio and Newspaper. However these classic tactics may not always yield effective results without being integrated with Social Media elements. This doesn’t mean […]

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Guide to Choosing the Most Fitting Business Intelligence Solution

Business intelligence

Business intelligence has paramount importance for all business sizes. As businesses grow, the control of organizational functions is distributed amongst multitude of people who are managing their own teams. The extent of data that is generated across various functions in the daily routine is massive. The various functions and teams within the organization have their […]

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