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Tips for Parents on Teenage Internet Safety


It’s one thing to teach young children how to use the Internet safely, because younger kids are inherently more accepting of your authority as a parent. But it’s another thing entirely to help protect teenage children from Internet hazards. Teenagers are typically stubborn and rebellious. In addition, they may feel that they actually know more […]

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How to Run a Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign

social media marketing

Facebook marketing provides unique opportunities to target customers by their interests and demographic data. But running a successful ad campaign requires deeper knowledge and understanding of this powerful social media platform. No matter the business or industry you are involved in, you should take time to read this article on how to run a successful […]

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Top 6 Must Have Gadgets For Students in 2014

gadgets for students

In today’s technologically-driven environment, a college student must be equipped in order to be able to keep up with the times. The way people learn is constantly evolving with the introduction of technology into the educational process. In order for a college student to reach his or her full potential, he/she must have all the […]

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Four Key Reasons Why Services Like Virtual Offices Remain in Demand

virtual office

Technology these days has given us so much to be thankful for. This is especially true in the corporate arena where the virtual workspace has skyrocketed in demand. As the internet now connects the world, it’s possible for someone to run their own business without the need to rent a full-time office. These virtual environments […]

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Market Research For A New Product Launch

market research

Market research is perhaps the most important step of launching any new product. It’s simply collecting and analysing the data needed to identify the consumer needs which a new product will satisfy. From the perspective of the business, market research significantly reduces risk and allows for much more accurate decision making. Due to the many […]

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Top 5 Most Used POS Software so far this year


You don’t have to dash back to your home if you have forgot your wallet anymore. The smart wallets of the future are here in the form of mobile applications. Smart phones have replaced many things. Remember late Mr. Jobs introducing the iPhone in 2007 Macworld — “an iPod, a phone, an Internet communicator.” Back […]

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Why You Need VPN For Android, Even If You Use Your Phone Carefully

Android VPN

Are you an Android user or planning to buy a new Android phone or tablet? You could have already heard about how secure Android is, being a Linux operating system. It is a well know fact that Google is an overt open source proponent. The Android kernel is quite similar to other Linux kernels that […]

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Top 5 SEO and Online Marketing Trends for 2014

SEO books

The digital landscape for online marketers is ever changing and the way information is being shared on the internet has greatly altered in the past few years, mainly thanks to constant changes and updates in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google’s algorithms. On the other hand, the online market has never been more competitive and […]

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Marketing Campaign for Small Business


Effective marketing and advertising will bring in more clients and sales. Advertising is the effective communication of a message that gets prospects and clients to buy from you instead of going to your competitors. Regular advertising helps prospects to see you as a unique brand and develop confidence in your message and products. A solid […]

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