Paper Monsters’ Game for Android & iOS

paper monsters

If you are an Apple user or know someone who is, you might have heard about the game Paper Monsters, launched in the first month of the year. At the fag-end of the year, the game is finally available for Android devices. It is available in the Google Play Store. For the uninitiated, Paper Monsters is a side scrolling game which is not quite 3D. And as the name suggests, the characters and the backdrop is all made of paper.

This game, suitable for young kids, is a creation of Crescent Moon Games, and is priced very pocket friendly, at just a dollar. It is supposedly a 3D game but because of the side scrolling, the action is pretty much two dimensional.
Your aim? Evade your foes and gather paper clips and buttons to complete the level. Collect 50 silver buttons strewn thru the level and you can obtain a golden one, yay! Mind you, you can also collect the golden buttons scattered here and there, and use them to buy stuff to personalize your protagonist.

If you’re a master, you will be able to find the 3 paper clips very deviously hidden in every level. Getting rid of enemies is way cool, just jump over them. Wish that would work in the real world! Those you can’t off at all, just steer clear of them.

paper monstersYou have underwater levels in addition to the land levels; but what do you know, you’re a sub here. Now you got to take care of sea animals and mines. But good news, you’ve got an endless armory comprising torpedoes to take them out.
While the action is more or less like other such games in 2D, the 3D imagery gives this game that added punch. There are nested levels at times, with the camera focusing on the backdrop, and you can see yourself at the back; nice. On leaving, the camera focus is reverted to the main level. Now this deception is made possible thanks to the 3D rendering.

The game has 4 modes: main story, Pukin’ Time, Heartbreak Shakedown, and Drag n Dash, where the hero progress automatically. All you have to do is jump at the correct time: for both evasion and collection. Sadly this does not work properly on Android.

The graphics are decent, as is the soundtrack. The sound effects on the other hand are not that great.
At first glance you may feel that it’s a game for kids but it’s pretty challenging, and I’m sure most of you can be entertained for a bit. Remember, timing your jumps is the difference between life and death in this game!

Considering the price Paper Monsters is a good deal of wholesome fun; it’s neither boringly simple nor frustratingly difficult. And you can definitely play this one over and over without having the urge to toss your phone in the bin.
The only problem or drawback I could see is the improperly functioning Drag n Dash on Android, once that is fixed, it will be a super game to play when you’re waiting in line, traveling or just chilling at home!

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