PocketBook’s new Front-lit 8-inch E-reader


We live in the Digital Era where the way we communicate and carry out our routine activities has undergone a drastic change. Talk about change and one aspect that has undergone a sea change is people’s reading habits. People from all walks of life are depending on the various forms of technology to educate and entertain them. Traditional reading habits of people are dying. Media critics and analysts argue that because of new inventions like gadgets that are happening every day, books and other forms of reading material are less circulated among people. There can be some amount of truth to this. However, like there are two sides to a coin, in the Digital Age voracious readers have one more reason to be happy about, that being the invention of e-reader.

Going by definition, an electronic reader (that is also known as e-reader) is a device that helps people read content from popular platforms like e-books, e-magazines and e-journals among other electronic sources. A traditional e-reader typically has wireless connectivity to facilitate downloading of reading material from the Internet.

E-reader manufacturers are battling it hard to find themselves a space in this highly competitive market. Joining this rat race of competitors is PocketBook. The launch of its color e-reader is on the cards for this corporate giant. This device as the company claims is going to use front-lighting technology.

More information on PocketBook’s new Front-lit 8-inch e-reader

This ambitious device is yet to be launched by the company. It has not revealed the specifications that this gadget will come equipped with. PocketBook has however promised that it will officially launch this e-reader in June, the following year. The good news is that users have been given a few hints about what they can expect this e-reader to deliver.

Going by what the company claims, this e-reader will be one of its kind considering the fact that it is will be an all color e-reader. This probably is a smart move by the company as a majority of e-reader manufacturers are focusing on the lighting technology and the display of e-readers. What adds on to the joy of using this e-reader is the ability of this device to display around 4096 colors. As someone who has a penchant for reading, this device will not disappoint you as can take advantage of the colors that come alive on this e-reader. The color e-ink display gives it a competitive advantage over its rivals. Reading from this e-reader will leave you with a feeling as if you are reading from the exact paperless version of the reading material. Thanks to the color e-ink display. The four thousand plus colors are displayed in a screen resolution of 600 * 800 pixels.

Reading from this e-reader is nothing short of pleasure as the screen lights up from the ambient light. You can control the front light illumination of this device without having to go through the menu options as adjusting light intensity is made touch responsive. Dependency of the screen to light up using the backlight is less, thus helping save crucial power. This in turn goes a long way in extending the battery life of this device.

To conclude

This device measure around 8 inches as its name suggests and it is believed that it will sport a capacitive touchscreen. However, we will have to wait and watch as PocketBook has not made public its features including the official name of its new e-reader. No official confirmation has been made on pricing information and world-wide launch dates as well.

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