Primordia for PC Game – Review


Personal computer games also known as computer games or PC games are video games played on personal computers using a keyboard and a mouse, a gamepad or joystick. The player receives the video through the computer monitor and sound through the headset or speakers. These games cannot be played on interactive video game consoles or shopping mall devices. They are not controlled by anybody and are better than video games at processing the input and generating the output.

Primordia is an adventure game about the destruction of the human life, developed by Wormwood Studios and Wadjet Eye Games. It is set in a post-holocaust planet scattered with used machines in a huge lifeless wasteland. It narrates the story of Horatio Nullbuilt v5, a dispassionate robot who likes his privacy and freedom. Horatio spends his time reading the Book of Man, arguing with his sarcastic robot friend Crispin and fiddling with a crashed aircraft that they identify as home. This peaceful subsistence is endangered by a huge scoundrel robot who takes away the power source that the duo requires to survive. Horatio and Crispin’s hunt for energy takes them to the incredible and degenerating town of Metropol, where Horatio accidentally learns about his origins which in turn gives him an insight into the human life that once existed on earth.

In order to play this game the computer screen should be scanned with the pointer to locate interactive hotspots and objects to choose. Then click the hotspot to hear from Horatio or Crispin what they see or to pick up an object. Since there is no clue button, challenges in this game should be solved using one’s own intelligence. Hence close attention needs to be paid to any information provided by Horatio or Crispin, as anything can be a hint, and most of the hints are provided only once. Since left clicking and right clicking gives different outcomes, one can attempt both. Try all possible methods as every action is rational. Crispin can be consulted for clues, but his advice is so subtle that it will not be useful in locating small items or vague hotspots.
Primordia for PC Game - Review
The puzzles are usually reasonable and fairly straightforward, ranging from the typical “use this on that” to the more imaginative dares like searching for something that has been long-forgotten and hidden in computer network.

With a lot of dialogue, generally polite voice acting, temperamental soundtrack and a low-resolution graphical approach Primordia manages to create several really remarkable visuals and the story unfurls leisurely and never disclosing its secrets till one nears the end of the game. And in fact there are several endings, though only one ending is correct.

In conclusion, Primordia is an excellent game that is filled with sufficient surprises, twists and secrets that keeps the player involved and motivated from the beginning to the end. While it is a must have for all gamer, it is also a perfect game for the beginner or those who favor a relaxed ride across their radical desert. This combination of a great background, entertaining brain teasers and exciting story ideas makes Primordia a must-have for every enthusiastic gamer.

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