Recipe for developing a successful mobile app – 5 step formula

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With so much of competition these days in the mobile app market, it is important for app developers to understand what exactly it takes to create great apps.

Users look for apps that add convenience to their life, and since there are so many options available, they find it easy to uninstall one dissatisfying app to quickly shift to another. If mobile app developers want their users to stick for a long time, then they need to keep some important points in mind.

Here are five simple steps with which developers can create great apps:

1. Do Market Research

mob appsFirst and foremost, find out what the demand is for. Don’t develop something that is similar to what’s already existent in the market. Even if your app does function a lot like something that is already prevalent, add some uniqueness to it, such that the users have something new and interesting to look forward to in your app.

Basically, do a market research first and see what other developers are lacking. Then use it to your advantage and create something unique.

2. Understand User Preferences

Little things such as user dexterity, the kind of input methods they use, how they hold their device, what icon size is pleasing to the eye etc. need to be taken care of at the development stage.

Once you understand user preferences, you will be able to design better apps that make the users happy.

3. Don’t Compromise On Backend Work

Your app needs to be running smoothly and flawlessly without causing any problems to the user. Most users hate apps that keep crashing or freezing, or apps that are not quick or properly responsive to commands.

Make sure your technical backend work is so strong that when it matches the design, they give a great experience to the user.

4. Constantly Update and Innovate

Your work doesn’t get over or any lighter after you have launched the app and people start using it. You need to constantly innovate and update as per the complaints or suggestions that the users are giving. Users stick to those apps that constantly improve and upgrade.

And needless to say, if you are taking their problems and suggestions into consideration, then they will automatically develop a sense of loyalty towards your app.

5. Focus On One Thing At A Time

It’s important for mobile app developers to realize that users would prefer if you do one thing at a time. Don’t try to do too many things at the same time, as the pressure would make you leave them half-done. Instead, move step by time. Take one task in hand, finish it, improve the quality, and stabilize it. Then move to the second thing, and so on.

This is also known as developing incrementally and iterating frequently, and stabilizing at the end of the iteration every time.

So follow these steps and create apps that users genuinely like and love. Otherwise, they would simply move to something else, and your purpose of developing the app would be defeated.

About the author: Vishal is the founder of Appsquare—an app development company based in Sydney that creates innovative apps, provides part funding for selected app ideas and also helps app developers get funding through its network of Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors.