Salesforce announces huge mobile-first initiative

976 which is widely and mostly known for its Customer Relationship Management is a cloud computing company and works on a global level. Headquartered in San Francisco, California has it’s regional headquarters spread across the world in New York, Dublin, Sydney, Hyderabad to name a few. was announced as the most innovative company by the Forbes magazine and the company has multiple acquisitions to its name.

Salesforce has very recently created ripples in the tech world. The company has announced the launch of its overarching and very useful mobile-first version of their highly acclaimed and reputable SaaS-based software suite. This new mobile-first initiative is doing the rounds by the name of Salesforce 1.

Salesforce 1 is the company’s newest platform that aims to accumulate all interactions related to customers and pack it, along with the third party applications into an integrated and consistent platform. Salesforce 1 has stormed the tech market with the hope of not only building and developing applications that interact with people but also developing a variety of connected devices that currently exist or have a hope of existing later.


Salesforce1 has been termed as a huge mobile-first initiative because it is providing a social, mobile and a cloud cluster platform that’s been designed to completely change how the current sales, marketing and service apps function. It is being heralded as the first Customer Relationship Management programs that would immensely benefit developers, administrators, end users, ISVs and new customers who want to shift to the new and better social, mobile and connected cloud. Dropbox, Kenandy, LindIn and Evernote are a few ISVs that will be made available on the new Salesforce 1 customer program.

The announcement of Salesforce 1’s launch has set a lot of eyes on it because of the much talked about capacity of software migration and compatibility. An essential function of Salesforce 1 is to convert older softwares to the new ones and this conversion comprises of porting and scaling of softwares that are old. A lot of adding and removing features goes into converting the old software into a new platform so as to ensure compatibility for and with any device.
One benefit of having Salesforce1 is that all customers will be automatically upgraded which would subsequently enable companies leading the market, like Pernod Ricard, ADP and the likes to make their business run on Salesforce 1 without wasting any time.

The CEO of, Marc Benioff addressed Salesforce1 as not a new version of Salesforce but it’s being seen as a new vision for the industry. Te top management of all leading companies are very contented and satisfied with the new vision that Salesforce1 has brought forward. They believe that Salesforce 1 will help them completely transform how they sell, market and service by connecting with all important populations like customers, employees, partners etc in a way never known before. This social, mobile and connected platform is an enormous leap ahead for the top notch companies and it’ll aid them in staying ahead of the competition.

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