Samsung Bundles Assassins Creed 3 with SSD 840 to Boost Sales

Samsung Bundles Assassins Creed 3 with SSD 840

The 840 family of SSDs has at last hit the market. The manufacturers, Samsung Electronics America Incorporated announced commencement of sales on 7 November 2012. Samsung, it may be remembered as one of the leading manufacturers of home electronic products with a worldwide sales footprint. The other product included in the family is 840 Pro SSD version targeted at professionals who will want a high performance drive. It is perfect for enthusiasts who may prefer superior performance without the least compromise. For those mainstream users who are conscious about prices, the 840 SSD is believed will fit the bill perfectly.

Samsung has also announced that early buyers will get the code for downloading the much expected and enthusiastically awaited video game titled Assassin’s Creed III when they order one of the models in the 128, 256 or the 512 GB range. Part of the reasons why the SSD 840 is expected to give great performance can be attributed to the SATA 6.0 GB per second interface, AES 256-bit enabled encryption combined with triple core MDX controllers.

The other salient addition is the 400 Mbps Toggle DDR2 for flash memory. It is expected that this combination will make the PC a perfect fit for those who want trouble free performance with reliability and an extended life. It is also expected to give that extra speed for serious gamers who may also want to use it for professional purposes. The 840 drive is expected to be very mean in power utilization as well, the company has stated.

In a press release, Mike Abary, who is the Vice President of Consumer Business Division (IT product marketing) of Samsung in the U.S. states that the Professional version of 840 SSD will give gamers an experience they may have never seen before, especially the time it takes to boot for serious gamers who may want everything in a fraction of seconds. He also states that the company is very much excited about offering the Assassin’s Creed III just as much as gamers are. He is sure about its success as the hardware’s utility is one of the finest.

The game is published by Ubisoft Entertainment after a successful collaboration with six other studios within the Ubisoft group of studios including Ubisoft Montreal. He is all praise for the 840 and stated that the powerful graphics combined with life-like animations in the game will fit perfectly in an enhanced machine like the 840 SSD.

Samsung Bundles Assassins Creed 3 with SSD 840Speaking about the game, the press release stated that the game is set in the backdrop of the American Revolution that occurred in the late eighteenth century. Assassin’s Creed III, the release further states, introduces a new hero to voice the call for justice in the fight between the Assassins and Templars. What will fascinate the gamers are the extraordinary vibrancy of the uncontrolled borders and the busy towns of the colonial days. To top all that, there are chaotic battlefields leading to the final clash between George’s Continental Army against the mighty Army of the British for freeing America from the clutches of Britain.

The 840 SSD and the Pro version can be bought either online or in-stores across the nation, the press release says. And further states that depending upon the model bought, it will include a kit consisting of a USB and SATA cable. Along with the purchase comes the SmartMigration software that will make transferring data from another drive easier.

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