SEO in 2050: The Future is…

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Have you ever thought about search engine optimization in the future? No, not next week or next year, but many decades from now. There’s a good chance that it will not be recognizable from what we know and practice today. At the same time, some aspects will be the same as well. If you’ve ever wondered about SEO in 2050, keep reading to learn about the future of the search industry.

SEO in 2050

Here’s a look at some predictions for search engine optimization in 2050.

  • Fast Evolution – One of the biggest things that will happen with SEO in 2050 is that everything is going to change a lot quicker. Even now, Google and others release hundreds of changes to their index and processes every year. This makes it difficult for people to game the system, so be ready for this trend to continue well into the future.
  • Quality over Quantity – This has been a battle since the Internet was first started and the World Wide Web was launched to the public, but it’s going to be even more important in 2050 and beyond. This is very important right now – as witnessed by the Google Panda and Penguin updates – but it’s going to become even more crucial in the coming years.
  • Less Players – Because of all the rules and regulations surrounding SEO in the future, there’s likely to be a lot less players in the game. Most SEO professionals who survive are going to be tied to a large company of some sort. The level playing field is going to become less equal as time goes on, unfortunately.
  • Pay to Play – This already happens, but expect it to become harder to get “free traffic” in the future. To compete with the big corporations, you’re going to have to pay to play and in most cases the small players aren’t going to have enough to compete. This is sad, but all too true most likely.

seo 2015

Looking at the list above, it’s easy to see that things are going to be changing quite a bit. While all the points brought up may or may not come true, one thing is for certain – the world of SEO is going to continue changing. Not only that, the speed at which the industry evolves is likely to continue increasing. This is going to make it difficult for some people to be able to compete and survive. The good news is that those who do survive are going to be able to take a bigger piece of the revenue pie – at least if Google or another search engine don’t eat it all up.

About the author: Heidi Gunderson loves learning about SEO online in her spare time. She really thinks the Internet is going to be changing quite a bit in the coming years, and she’s trying to prepare. This is especially true when it comes to content marketing.