Should you replace your own iPhone screen?


iPhones are quite captivating to look at, but their maintenance cost will make you wince in pain. Everyone knows that when you get an iPhone, you are actually better off by spending another hundred bucks on a solid phone case for the gadget’s protection. However, if your iPhone has a bad fall, you are going to face a lot of hassle in repairing it.

So let’s say that you have been unfortunate enough to drop your iPhone and now its screen looks similar to a spider web. How are you going to deal with this problem? Should you get a pro to take a look at your phone, or should you decide to turn this into a DIY project where you give it a go at repairing it yourself?


Apple is very secretive in guarding its advanced technology from its competitors. One of the drawbacks of this mentality is that the users themselves have very little idea about how their gadgets function, and hence are not adept in customizing their own phones by themselves. If your iPhone screen is busted, it is always better to go to an Apple store to get it fixed. This is indeed the costliest option since repairing the iPhone screen will be expensive. If you go to a third party they will be willing to fix your phone for lesser price, but you will not be getting genuine Apple replacement parts.

What is the price for replacement?

According to iPhone Doctor replacement of an iPhone 3G screen will cost you about $70, while you have to shell out $99 for an iPhone 4/4s screen. In case of iPhone 5/5s screen repair you will need to pay $119, and for a screen repair of the brand new iPhone 6, you have to pay around $199! This is still good enough, considering that the repaired parts will be hundred percent genuine and there will be no further trouble in terms of the phone’s functionality. But if this is still too much for you, you can decide to repair the phone yourself.

Should you opt for DIY?

Repairing an iPhone is not an easy task. Very few people understand how this gadget works, so it is best to not mess around with it. But if you are still persistent, you should start off by acquiring an LED lighting, magnifying glass, suction cup and a new iPhone replacement screen which will cost you a minimum of $40. Place the phone flat on the table, and then place the suction cup right on top of it. Use your left hand to pull the cup hard, trying to lift up the phone plate, while trying to pry the case open from the lower corner side with your other hand.

Once the case comes off, you will find many ribbon cables with connectors on their ends. Make sure you do not tear or crimp these cables or else your iPhone will be damaged. Then lightly place the replacement screen on top, making sure that you do as little as possible to upset the cables.

Once the replacement screen is installed, turn the phone over and then switch it on. If it works fine, it means that your job is well done and your phone is repaired. But in case you see stripes all over your screen, it means that the connectors are not in proper place, or some ribbons may have been damaged. This is where you have to call the pro.
If you are not sure that you can repair your iPhone screen, simply take it to a professional who knows what they are doing. If you end up damaging your phone, you will have to pay more money to fix it. “Prevention is better than cure”, and in case of iPhone repair, this quote speaks the truth.

In case that you opt to replace it yourself (not recommended) you might want to look at this youtube tutorial and make sure you have the right tools for the job.