Siri’s integration to automobiles


From having mobile phones that were meant for texting and making phone calls to having smartphones that can do most of the duties previously assigned to computers, we can say that technology is hugely advancing. One of the key features in today’s technology is through an application by Apple Inc. that goes by the name Siri. This name is derived from Norway, meaning a beautiful woman that leads you to success.

What is Siri?

Siri is a mobile application designed for use by Apple’s IOS as an intelligent voice activated personal assistant with added support on navigation. It was first designed to be incorporated into most smartphones but was acquired by Apple on the 28th, April 2010. All other forms of development were then terminated and it was introduced as a feature in the iPhone 4S and later on included in all Apple iPhones and iPads through the release of iOS 6.

What does Siri do?

Having an iPhone running Siri does not necessarily ensure you have a genius at hand. This is a piece of software and it makes use of Garbage in Garbage out. What you feed your phone is what you get as feedback.Siri can read through your texts and emails when searching for content on what you ask your phone. It also goes through your contacts in to look out for matching names when you ask for a contact. Reminders can also be set in the calendar and events recorded.

Searches can also be forwarded to predefined data providers that are entrusted by Apple. This includes free services like Wikipedia that contains huge databases of relevant information. Other phone information is picked from sources like Yahoo! Weather. This passes information to the phone on what conditions are being experienced according to the GPS location sent by the phone. Internet connectivity is of essence in this application in passing data to and from different sites for quick response to the iPhone user.

Siri integration to vehicles

itarticleBack in 2012, an announcement was made from apple that they were in discussions to roll in the integration of Siri in cars. This would be known as the Siri Eyes Free mode. This however had very negative feedback from Apple supporters and was pulled out later on to resurface by the name IOS in the Car. This would ensure that not only Siri would be integrated into a car but all iOS application.

Many renowned car manufacturers are already picking the idea up and working hand in hand with Apple to incorporate this applications into their cars. Siri would be expected to navigate cars by taking control of the steering wheel and using maps to make turns where required, select music for those in the car and at the same time make phone calls.

Now, the big question has been, when will all this come to be a reality. The apple freaks who are always out to buy whatever is produced by the manufacturing giants cannot wait for this never coming release. People should however be asking more relevant questions regarding safety on the road. How safe would it be to have your iPhone be your driver? More so, what would be the effects of giving a driver better access to text messaging, social networking, and even making phone calls while they are at the back of the wheel?

Accidents are very prone to occur if this advancement in technology is going to make its breakthrough. Automobile manufacturers should consider having their clients safe and sound as they enjoy their products rather than incorporate hazardous technology in the name of beating competition and getting to market its products. The car buyers should also be aware of the little fancy things that push them to go for a certain brand of car and regard their safety above all other things, furthermore, cars are meant for the sole purpose of locomotion from one point to another.

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