Six Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Here To Stay

Email Marketing

Running a business is a very competitive endeavor. If you want to be seen as a serious business owner, you need to stay with the times. In some instances, this can be tricky since not all businesses are equipped with everything they need to stay above the rest and be successful. When advertising your business, your main goal should be getting as much business exposure as you can. In today’s times, this usually requires some sort of digital advertising, but this type of advertising is only good if you are in front of a target market. Email marketing allows you to do this and is a very reliable resource allowing you to get your message broadcast to a very target market. Below are 6 reasons why email marketing will benefit your business.

1. Cost Effectiveness

Email marketing is so much better than marketing through direct mail because it costs very little. You can possibly double your investment with a single email campaign.

2. Efficiency

Electronic mail is one of the more reasonable and efficient tools in the world today. It is not only cost effective, but it has a far better response than that of advertisements and direct mail. These days, it is considered to be one of the best tools for working with your web traffic.

3. Immediate and Tractable

You get a quick response through email marketing that can be tracked instantly. Things you can track are delivery rates, open rates and click through rates. Better email service providers will offer you tools like file downloads conversions, ways to calculate sales, newsletter subscriptions, social bookmarking, event registrations and more.

4. Its Automatic

Since email marketing works with auto responders, your campaigns are virtually on autopilot. You can set up a campaign, and have your messages scheduled to run on certain days after people opt into your newsletter. Your messages will automatically be sent out on the days you schedule to each subscriber. Typically, only around 10 percent of subscribers will buy from you after your first email message. It will normally take a few more contacts before they begin to buy. This is why having your email marketing auto responder automatically set up to keep messaging your opt ins is very important.

5. Its Targeted

Email marketing is a very efficient tool to manage your contacts and create a highly targeted list. Just a couple clicks and you can have your contacts segmented based on different criteria like their purchasing history, demographics or interests. You can then tailor your product offers and messages to people that will be more likely to respond.

6. Simplicity

Email Marketing Many email marketing tips will have you think that there is a science to crafting your emails. However, writing up your first email message is very easy. There is no special knowledge needed or skills other than the simple crafting of you message which is written around the benefits of your products/services and is relevant to your target market. Keep in mind; your messages are part of your overall brand so it is important that you are making a positive impression.

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About the author: Maria Jefferies has been a freelance writer for over 3 years and has experience writing in the SEO Industry. Her email marketing tips gives more exposure to small business owners. Companies like Pinpoint Designs are skilled and experienced in email marketing and provide other services that will really help you get a better response from your efforts.