So What Does The iPad Air Feel Like?

ipad air

They say that price isn’t decided by just what you hold in your hand. There is a lot more to it. The customer service and the whole process that lets you make use of the finished product. The whole concept is like that amazing restaurant you went to for a meal. The courteous staff, the elegant ambience and not to forget, the perfectly balanced food made your day. Precisely the feels that you get when you handle this beauty of a gadget, the iPad Air. I could not wait but to get my hands on it and share the experience with y’all. Its a through and through pleasure to be using it.

Upon using the Ipad Air for over a month, its a very personal conclusion that I have come to; IPad Air is one of the best tablets in the market right now. Apple has extended its dining analogy by designing and delivering an exquisite and a complete feast that is hard to be duplicated from any other source even by Apple’s very own engineers. That being said after they got to face a lot of flack a while back.

The Appearance and Feel

ipad air

The internet is full of restless bloggers who are unpacking new devices and who keep talking about the incredibly innovative experiences with new gadgets. The reviews are irrespective of the brand. At times, when you hold the device in your hands, the first impressions seem to be really nice, while at other times they do not really deliver to the expectations that the first time handling set for itself. It is only after using the devices for a few months that you get to know how efficient they are in reality and then prove your first impression as right or wrong. To be very honest, the iPad Air is as exciting to me after a months of its usage, as it was while I removed the plastic bubble wrap from it. The shape is perfectly balanced with the size and the weight; it gives an accomplished look to the gadget making the user yearn for even more.

If you want to compare it with other gadget, it would feel like the experience you have during a cozy dinner compared to a hasty take out. My first experience with the iPad immediately made me realize the difference with other tablets I had used earlier. Even after knowing the name of the tablet that Apple had launched, I had no idea that it could feel so light and perfectly balanced in my hands. Very few of the tablets that I have used have made me feel good and different. Just for creating a better understanding, some of the devices that have given me the same feeling like that of iPad Air, are the first Nexus 7, the first iPad, HP tc1100 Tablet PC, and the HP 2710p Tablet PC. Each time I went fro these gadgets, I had a feeling that I will not be let down, and I never was.

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