Steps to handle Remove Ripoff Report


You often hear the axiom in business circles, that the customer is never wrong. You will therefore see those ringing bells over the consumer complaint sites, which comes in the form of Ripoff Report. Even one of its users is seen posting false and defamatory info regarding a business. The Ripoff Report has simply embarked with a strict kind of policies from where it is seen refusing to get rid of the site from any posting, regardless of the fact whether it is accurate or damaging. The following are the few of the important steps that need to be taken care in order to handle remove Ripoff Report. Let’s check them out:

Sue the Rip off Report:

This is one of the most popular option, which bigger business groups count on. However, this is also considered as a losing option to go with. The Rip off Report is secured by a law, which is passed in the year 1996 known as the Communications Decency Act (CDA). This simply protects them from any lawsuit that is based over the content they organize about you. In other words, you may win the sue case against the person who has posted your Rip off Report, however, the site would remain untouched. The website is secured with a program called Corporate Advocacy Program.

Sue to the person who has posted the Rip Off Report:

You can win the case in the court provided the person has posted something false about you or your company. All you need to do is to prove that particular person has posted the content on this site. A majority of people use other names rather than their real names. Still there are ways in which you can catch the person guilty in posting false content on the site. So, both the person and site becomes accountable when you win a lawsuit.

Change your name:

This may sound a bit odd at one go, however, this really works for the people who have tried this option. This really showcases how damaging the can be. This site simply damages the businesses and lives in order to point that they feel that the only option they have is to change their real name and start doing things again. However, you may even see the people creating nuisance by linking the old and new ads together. At such junctures, instead of delaying things you need to call the help of experts (Reputation management firm) in order to make things the right.

Do Nothing:

This is an understandable option and is among the most popular option of dealing with the Rip off Report. A majority of people feel that by simply waiting for the site to see it fading, however, with reputed sites like Rip off Report, this will never happen. The fact is just the opposite is true. The fact of the matter is the negative link does keep on soaring over a number of search engine results. You have to deal with this issue effectively seeking the help of any competent reputation management firm.

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