Tap A Fish Game for Android and iOS Devices – The Copy writing Challenges

tap a fish

This was the first time that I was supposed to write for an app. Yes! A mobile app, perhaps a game named Tap A Fish that comprises all the ingredients desired to amuse the Android, iPad and iPhone users to the hilt. Through this guest post, I would like to share the tidbits of my experiences while writing various copies for this app so that you may also benefit from it.

Market study: To start with, I made sure to do enough research for rival app developers in the market for the type and style of content they adopt. Online tools such as Google search engine, Appannie, Xyo etc., helped me a lot in this cause.

Knowledge gathering: As I was pretty new to this app thing, I had to start from the scratch. Hence, I preferred playing the tap fish game on my own before moving ahead with the proceedings. Even if you are about to write something like that, I would suggest trying it out on at least one if not all the platforms in which the app has been launched, whether iPhone, iPad, Android phone.

The rough draft: The foremost task in the run was to come up with an appealing copy that could be posted on Google Play and Apple App Store with some minor customizations. I started the proceedings by writing a rough draft about every section of the game separately. For example, in ever different sections of the draft, I wrote about:

  • Fishes- Guppy and Carnivores
  • Pets – Ethan, Alan, Melody, etc.
  • Deadly aliens-Sea Horse, Goblin and Zombie
  • Treasure – Gold & Silver coins, diamonds, rubies, emeralds and pearls

Overall, it was a total juice of the game that I explored and penned down after playing it.

Description: The first few lines of an app are fare enough to decide its fate on the app store. Hence, it is imperative that you come with really quality content, which is cool crispy and concise and wins the heart of the visitors on the very first instant. A better ploy in this context would be to describe the usp of the game right in the beginning lines as I did, so that the users may get a settle idea of the product and get tempted to install it without giving any second thought.

tap a fish

Promotion: The next thing now was to promote the smartphone game through quality articles, press release, etc. The initial draft that I wrote acted as a helping hand in my endeavors as it contained all the necessary information about the tap fish game. But a bigger challenge was to write the articles in such a manner that they could abide by the guidelines of the respective article submission websites, which I overcame aptly.

Social Media: As obvious, the role of social media plays a stunner in galvanizing the business revenues and turning the table in your favor; I too did the same by leveraging the might of Facebook, Twitter and many other social networking platforms for tweeting, commenting and sharing the information about this interesting tap fish game.

It was definitely a much coveted quest to produce quality content for smartphone app of the stature of Tap A Fish, still I did my best to give it as much exposure as possible through my writing abilities. I suggest all the enthusiastic writers to follow similar steps if they wish to deliver a winning copy. To the contrary, if anyone of you have some better tips for quality content writing for apps, lets share it.

About the author: The above post is my attempt to share the experiences I went through while writing content for promoting Tap A Fish smartphone game. Both the game’s versions, Tap A Fish for iPhone and Tap A Fish for Android can be downloaded from the respective stores.