Technical Terms About Electronic Cigarettes which you Might not Know

electronic cigarette

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past couple of years, then you’ve probably heard about electronic cigarettes. These amazing and revolutionary new gadgets which have digitized something as analog as smoking, and significantly decreased health risks. There is probably no point in writing about the benefits of personal vaporizers, because you probably already know about them. We would rather help you understand the technical terms, because it is essential to know what it is you are buying, before you actually buy it.

Atomizer and Cartomizer

What an electronic cigarette basically does, is to transform the atomized liquid into vapors which you can inhale. There are three types of electronic cigarettes. We will not be talking about disposable devices, because they are used only once. However, the two-piece and the three-piece devices are worth your concern.

electronic cigarette

A three piece electronic cigarette (battery-atomizer-cartridge) works with the help of an atomizer. This atomizer is a small device which receives electric current from the battery. The two-piece, on the other hand, is equipped with a battery and a cartomizer. The cartomizer is basically an atomizer and cartridge put together. This technology enables smoke to travel faster through the vaporizer.

Nova Tank

Now that you understand what a cartomizer is, let’s define the term of Nova Tank. A Nova Tank is a specific type of cartomizer which functions with the help of wicking strings attached to an atomizer head. What we love about the Nova Tank is the fact that it can store larger quantities of e-liquids. We recommend that you tilt the tip of the cigarette from time to time in order to keep the wick moist.

The Cartotank

Cartotanks are extremely useful because they provide longer durations of vapor smoking than a normal cartomizer. This is done by placing the cartomizer in an electronic juice tank. However, if you want this device to work you will have to make small holes in the cartomizer. There are also certain per-punched atomizers which can be immediately inserted in the tank for instant use. We advise you to use only stainless steel devices if you want to insert a cartotank, because it is difficult to punch holes in rubber or plastic.

The Nano Clearomizer

We mentioned earlier that there are many types of devices which can be used to enhance the vaping experience. It is with the help of new, improved pieces that different marketers manage to stay ahead of the market. The Nano clearomizer is an awesome, smaller version of the clearomizer that can support fewer e-liquid, which means that it is the ideal choice for trying out new flavors.