Technology and Parking Go Hand in Hand


These days, it’s hard to go a single day without being affected directly by technology in one way or another. Even when you don’t think it could be possible, technology is right there by your side each and every step of the way. For one, did you know there are actually technologies out these days that can help you find parking easier than ever? There are actually things that can help you to park your car, or do it completely for you. Today we are going to talk about a few of our favorite ways technology helps you with your parking needs.

Phone Apps That Help You Find That Perfect Spot

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, then you have probably noticed that applications have taken the world by storm. It seems like our phones are able to do just about anything these days and this includes helping you to find parking. We thought it was too good to be true at first but after trying it out a few times; we were pleasantly surprised by what we found. It’s actually extremely accurate and something that we cannot imagine going without.

What we love most about these apps is the fact that they are extremely user friendly. You can literally use them to reserve your spot before you even arrive to your destination; especially in places such as airports, this is going to save you a lot of time in the long run.

There are two main kinds of these apps. There are the ones that use sensors in spots to help you track which spaces are open or not and then there are other apps that are possible thanks to other users. What you do is you mark which space you have just occupied or left so that others can be notified when they are in the area. Many cities are not able to afford to install sensors in all their parking spaces but we hope this is something that can happen in the near future because it truly gives you a whole new driving experience. No one likes to have to drive around for 10 minutes trying to find a space. It’s a waste of not only your time but your gas.

Cars That Help You Park Better Than Ever

iPhone app organization
If parking is intimidating for you (and we’re talking about the action, not just finding the space) then you are probably going to want to consider purchasing your next car a little differently. Yes, it’s not the most affordable thing out there but a lot of cars these days are actually able to assist you in parking. Many not only have cameras on them to help you reverse quickly and can tell you when you are getting close to an object or person but a lot of them can actually do all the work for you. Can you imagine sitting there while your car parked for you? It’s pretty intense.

About the author: Susan Rodriguez is a tech blogger and stays updated with the latest technology news. She says that Airport Parking in Melbourne is going to be improved after using the new technology.