The Advantages of Touch Screen Kiosks


Touch screen kiosks are a modern, convenient and user-friendly solution to many common problems in businesses today, ranging from simply freeing up space to cutting down waiting times by freeing up a worker. They can be used in a number of ways, tailored to suit each individual location, meaning that they have different advantages for different firms.


On the whole, touch screen kiosks are very easy to install and take very little effort to maintain, making them a perfectly hassle-free investment for any business.

Reduction of Labour

Arguably the main advantage of touch screen kiosks – by allowing customers to use them to make transactions or browse goods, the need for members of staff is reduced. These staff can then be used more productively elsewhere, thus saving on man-hours. Due to its self-service nature, a kiosk can even replace a member of staff; a one-time investment saving months of wages.

Reduced Waiting Times

Similarly to the above point, kiosks can be used in conjunction with staff such as cashiers or secretaries, therefore cutting down queues, saving time for and improving the satisfaction of your customers.

24/7 Service

By installing a touch screen kiosk on the outside of the business or another place accessible at any time of day, you can offer your goods for sale (or at the very least, perusal) 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without the huge expense of all-night opening hours.


Touch screen kiosks are very versatile in their abilities: hotels can use them to make reservations or giving directions to location attractions; accident and emergency departments can allow patients with minor complaints to log in during busy periods; shops are able to allow customers to browse their catalogue or even order goods that are currently out of stock.

Kiosks with a keyboard or mouse are also available, but studies have shown that customers tend to prefer the one-to-one interactivity of a touch screen to the other methods.


With a touch screen kiosk, the information offered can be tailored to every need. This means you can give the customer exactly the information you want to give at a glance. By allowing them to personally input data, you give the customer independence and freedom of choice, thus reducing the time they would have spent talking to a member of staff.

Up-to-date Information

Kiosks are incredibly simple to update, meaning that they can offer the newest information as soon as it’s available. This is obviously a great advantage over its paper counterparts, as it does away with the high costs involved with updating and printing up-to-date versions of things such as catalogues and posters.

Overall Improvement of Customer Experience

Due to their eye-catching, user-friendly and intuitive interface, touch screen kiosks can be a joy to use for any customer, even those with little experience with computers. Cutting down waiting times will obviously increase levels of customer satisfaction, as will the option to access your services at any time, entirely independently of other people. Giving customers independence makes them feel trusted.

These kiosks can also increase brand awareness – through their high levels of customisability, they can be designed with your brand in mind, entirely to your specifications.

Touch screen kiosks are up-to-date, simple to use, and easily maintained; this is why they are becoming more and more popular each day.

About the author: Written for Evoke Kiosks.