The Age Calls for People Based Advertising. Here’s Why


With the proliferation of the huge number of smart devices, it sometimes becomes difficult for marketers to differentiate between persons and devices. It’s true that you and I use a variety of devices in one single go. For example, for browsing an e-shopping site, I might use my smartphone but to make an actual purchase, I might switch over to my laptop. But does that mean there are two users using the two different devices? No. It’s me on both the devices. For marketers, it becomes a complex task to identify that it was the same user all along but using two different platforms. Cookie based technologies to identify users on various channels has been in use for long but with emerging technologies and concepts, this will soon see an overhaul into what is called people based marketing.

Today, in order to make the most of every single penny of investment, media companies want to increase their investments in people based marketing solutions.  As marketers, we have access to millions of valuable data points and to gain insights into them, we have the capability to leverage rich analytical tools. Using the power of the two, we can delve deep into our customers’ mind and truly understand their behaviour and thereby allow ourselves to target people with specific messaging rather than simply targeting devices. When you are able to aptly recognize that customer data is all about people, rather than devices, you can create personalized advertising to reach out to your consumer base.

The unique selling proposition of people based marketing lies in the fact that this concept clearly is person-oriented rather than simply device-oriented. This methodology talks about the concept that it is people who are the consumers and not the devices. It’s about trying to understand the people behind those devices and the types of experiences they’re looking for. By incorporating a people based marketing approach, the experience then becomes more fluid and brand consistent while still being unique for each device.

Today, tracking cross-device and cross-channel data is essential but it is equally important to move measuring at the people level. We need to recognize the people who are actually using the device and not track only the device used. To move to this people-based strategy whose core lies in personalization, we need data management platforms. These platforms help marketers to gather first-party data and aggregate it in a DMP, which enables better audience targeting and personalization.

The prime reason why people based marketing will see a rise is because it is based on the concept of personalization and today is all about relevance in marketing. Segmenting your consumers is becoming an obsolete method. Advertising today calls for extremely tailored messages. You and I may share the same location, gender and even purchase history but does that mean marketers would be successful in converting us both into loyal customers with the same ad? Not really. That’s why people based marketing is a winner. With people-based marketing, you’re able to more precisely target individuals who actually want to view your ads.

Coming to the monetary benefits, think of it as zero wastage of precious resources. If you have not served your ads to the right consumers, you have wasted marketing dollars. With people-based marketing, you’re able to identify the people with a much higher likelihood of purchasing, which reduces monies wasted and increase your return on investment.

With people based marketing, you gain insights into what you consumers want. It gives you a much better understanding of their customers, their intentions, and their behaviors. This information can then be used to develop better products and services or even improve the overall customer experience.


People based Campaign Management Solution is about real world people. It is beneficial not only for marketers as they get to serve personalized ads to the right people, thus increasing rate of conversion but it also changes the overall digital experience of our consumers, helping them gain relevant brand experience, in line with what they are looking for. People based advertising is a win-win for sure.

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