The Most Interesting Technologies Of The Year So Far…

Samsung S9 Ultra HD TV

The pace of technological progress in this age is so fast and unrelenting that nothing surprises us any more. Despite an array of truly fascinating cutting edge technology, we’ve become so used to gadgets and groundbreaking innovations that we often take them for granted. There have been a few incredible gadgets however that remains to astound even the keenest of tech geeks. Here are the most interesting technologies of the year.

Sage By Heston Blumenthal Tea Maker

I must confess, before I came across the Sage by Heston Blumenthal’s specialist Tea Maker, I didn’t know there was such thing as a tea maker, or that there was anyone on earth lazy enough to need a tea maker.

However, after learning about Sage by Heston Blumenthal’s ingenious innovation, I soon wish I had one myself. Firstly, as it says on the tin, this Tea Maker makes tea; however it does so much more than just that.

With five different temperature settings to maximize the flavour of your tea – with specific settings for white, green, black and Oolong teas, along with tea strength settings, for those who prefer their teas strong, medium or mild, it is a fabulous gadget.

Allowing you to top up more tea at whim, the £199.00 Tea Maker also boasts the functionality to keep your tea warm for an hour.

Simplehuman Butterfly Sensor Bin 48L

It might sound a bit silly to hear of one spending £275.00 on a bin, however this is no ordinary bin. It is also no ordinary electric sensor bin that simply opens when you put something close to it and closes when you move away. With multi-sense technology, this bin familiarizes itself with your behavioural patterns, to prevent it from opening unexpectedly or closing before you’ve finished dumping your rubbish inside it.

It’s also fingerprint-proof, to ensure it always looks clean and spotless.


If you have an ordinary television and would like a Smart TV, you don’t necessarily have to go out and replace it with a new one. As long as you have a USB slot on your television, you can buy Visopix’s MK802 III and practically convert your TV into a smart TV.

An Android 4.1 TV dongle, this exciting piece of technology allows you to surf the internet, enjoy social media, play games and watch on-demand films and programs on your television.

The thing about MK802 IIIs that is so interesting perhaps is that it costs just £60.00.

Samsung S9 Ultra-HD TV

Samsung S9 Ultra HD TV

Before anything can be said about this product, its price must be mentioned. At a very, very pricey £35,000, it is clear that very few people will be able to afford this television.

Now we must move unto why this television costs £35,000. Samsung’s S9 Ultra-HD TV is the world’s first future ready UHD television. This means that not only is it Ultra HD, but that it is upgradeable – an important perk considering the world’s developers do not yet know how UHD technology will progress.

Its 3,820×2,160 pixel resolution means its visuals are 0.4 per pixel! It also boasts a superb quad core processor, and voice recognition.

Whether or not that makes it worth £35,000 however… well I’ll just let you decide.

About the author: Jamie Booker is a freelance content writer from London. He specialses in all things tech and is currently addicted to road runner.