These Are the Best Online Storage Features


It took a long time for online file storage to become a mainstream alternative to using traditional file backup hardware such as floppy discs and external hard drives. Once the concept took hold, the industry quickly began standardizing a variety of features. Users of online storage now can’t seem to live without them! Not only do these features make the user’s life easier, they also provide an additional layer of protection for every stored file. People use online data storage for a variety of reasons; however, certain features have proven to be much more popular and useful for virtually every type of customer. These features are continuous data backup, file encryption, and file versioning.

Continuous Data Backup Types

Online Storage Features
To begin, nothing compares to the online storage feature of continuous data backup. Continuous data backup allows users to sync files on their computers with their online storage service. This ensures every file is eventually backed up to their online account. The types of online backup are real-time and incremental. Incremental data backup does backups at specific time intervals such as every 15 minutes, 1 hour, 5 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours, and 24 hours. Choosing the specific interval is usually completely up to the user’s discretion.

File Encryption

Another popular feature of online back is file encryption. One of the biggest concerns about online storage when it first hit the market was data security. This concern was alleviated with the ability to encrypt or secure files to keep their contents completely undecipherable to outsiders. Today, file encryption capabilities are robust and applied during multiple steps throughout the online storage process. The obvious place to require file encryption is within the user account. Once the data has been backed up, users don’t want to worry about it getting altered, deleted or stolen. File encryption is a great way to protect files. Even if a hacker gains access the back-end of an online file storage directory the data is undecipherable anyway. Another popular use for file encryption is during the file transfer process from the user to the online storage provider. Encryption keeps all the data secure from eavesdroppers as it passes from the user’s device to the online storage account.

File Versioning

Another feature which always seems to be ignored until it becomes a life-saver is file versioning. File versioning allows multiple versions of each file to be saved separately. This is especially important for users who take advantage of real-time continuous backups. Without versioning, a user who accidentally deleted a file from their desktop would also simultaneously delete it from their online storage space. With versioning, users are able to quickly recover the most recent version of their file and restore it to their desktop.

None of these features appear novel or exciting on the surface. However, they are all vitally important when it comes to safeguarding data and information. All three features, back up type, encryption, and versioning can be used to remedy critical storage mistakes and privacy concerns. The continuous backup ensures users always have the most recent version readily accessible. It also makes online storage almost completely hands-free once it is setup. File encryption keeps all of the information safe from hackers and prying eyes. File versioning ensures the user will not only have access to the most recent version of each file, but also several versions prior. All of these features have become so popular that most online storage vendors now include them as standard, rather than optional premium, features.

About the author: Kyle Clarkson writes article about useful online tools and services. He believes everyone should consider online storage for photos, files, and documents. His articles help educate readers about the benefits of secure cloud storage services.