Tip to tip steps on how to clean your tattoo machine

tattoo machine

A tattooing machine is a machine that needs cleaning and sterilization every time it is used so as to keep it clean and to avoid spreading infections. The machine is used to drive the ink into the subcutaneous layer of the skin, and there are high chances of it spreading numerous infections. The whole process involves autoclaving, bleaching and ultrasonic bathing so as to ensure that the machine is not only disinfected, but also sterile.

The whole process involves cleaning the tattoo machine parts that include the needle and tubes. Once have these parts cleaned you can have them sterilized with an ultrasonic cleaner. This is a better choice since it can clean the remaining ink and any other substances that might have stuck in the machine.

Here is just a step to step procedure on how to clean your tattoo machine:

Cleaning the machine

Put on the gloves and start the process of disassembling the tattoo tools. This process involves removing the ink tube, the grip, and the tip of the gun.

tattoo machine1. Take a bowl and add in some warm water. Put a proportional amount of bleach into the water and mix it. Take the tip and the tube and put them into the bowl. Take the grips and spray it using disinfectant spray. Thereafter, put them into a bowl of water.

2. Take the grips the tip as well as the tube out of the water. In the normal case or always the needle is ought to be disposed of in a waste medical sharp’s container.

3. The remaining parts should be wiped thoroughly and placed into a sonic cleaning basket. This process ensures that the entire residue one the machines are well shaken off.

4. The next step involves sterilizing of the tattoo parts. This is a very important step and one need to pay keen attention on it. Place each of the tattoo parts, which are the gun grips and tip, into separate sterilization bags. The bags have a chemical which indicates when the contents are well heated. When well heated the bag’s back will change from pink to grey. The bags should be sealed properly and placed in an autoclave tray separately.

5. Then you have to fill the autoclave with water, but only halfway, then take the trays with the bags and put them into the autoclave. In case you only have one tray, then you will have to sterilize the bags separately. The autoclave machine usually functions a pressure cooker it creates just enough heat that can kill all the bacteria and the germs, which might have formed on the surface of the tools. This makes sure that your tattoo machine parts are well sterilized. The entire process might take about one hour or even one and half hours.

In a nutshell, every of this step play an important role in ensuring that the machine is properly cleaned and that the chances of it spreading pathogens are zero. The nature of the tattooing process demands much care and sanitation and this process gives it just that.

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