Top Essential Tools to Manage Online Reputation

internet reputation

If you market and carry out business online or known to have an online presence for talents or skills, you simply need to manage your online reputation. You need to manage the way millions of web users perceive you online. In fact, with just a couple of bad or negative posts, comments or blogs could damage your reputation, which was build through consistent efforts over several years’ time. As per Rich Gorman, a popular reputation guru calls this as a dog-eat-dog industry considering as a difficult nut to crack. However, you are lucky to have several effective tools to manage your online reputation. Let’s check out some top essential tools to manage the online reputation.

Me on the Web

This is among the best tools to manage your online reputation from giant search engine – Google, which help you in keeping an eye over different search results for your name and brand. You could find this tool in Google Dashboard wherein you could easily set up search monitors for your brand or name and thus help you in removing a number of unwanted content. In this way, Me on the Web, simply helps you in managing and maintaining your identity. This tool is extremely helpful to users as you could also find alerts whenever your competitors or rival groups talk about your brand or name.

Whos Talkin

internet reputation
It is basically a social media search tool, which helps you in knowing what people over the social networking websites are talking about your brand or name. Whos Talkin is among the most user friendly tool wherein you could easily search your name or brand by clicking the search button to find out a number of search results. Besides, this tool also help you in knowing what people are talking about your brand or name over the web (apart from the social media platforms). So, once you find out the results, you could chalk out your further course of action for the damage control of your online reputation.


This tool is reported to be different than other online reputation management tools. It comprises of a network that carries a number of tools in it, which helps you in managing your reputation. Having several tools inside Naymz could help you in interacting with people found inside the network. Also, you could enjoy a number of other free services and products which help you in managing your online reputation. This is basically a premium tool, however, you could enjoy its trial version for a month. The free products or services coming via this tool help you in knowing what your peers say about you over Twitter and Facebook.


It is among the nifty tools, which come for free that help you in searching for services and people. The search results would help the users to know how his or her reputation is over the web from other’s perspective. This tool helps you in getting an overview about the person who is associated with different networks. While searching for your name, this tool will give combined descriptions from websites like Google, LinkedIn, Technorati and Amazon.

Final word

Online reputation management is not an easy thing; however, with the help of above said tools it could become an easy thing to some extent. These could help you in assessing, tracking, building, and keeping an eye over your online reputation.

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