VoIP Technology – Great Solution for Cheap Calling

network setup voip

Got an opportunity to go abroad? You must be really excited and elated at the numerous possibilities that are going to open up for you. It might be education, seeking employment or any other purposes of your migration. But after the initial enthusiasm of migrating to another country, you see a lot of questions staring at your face. These include concerns like where you are going to live, how you are going to manage expenses and so on. While residing in Sri Lanka you can decide on everything mentioned above, save for a good calling plan to talk to your people when you are abroad.
network setup voip
International calls are staggeringly expensive and you would definitely not want all your income to be spent by paying telephone bills. If you are a student, who is travelling overseas to get world class education, then spending huge amounts of money on calling would not definitely be on top of your list of priorities. So, you need to find a decent calling plan to ensure regular communication is maintained with your home, back in Sri Lanka. Traditional phone plans for your mobile, even if it is for a mere five minutes, it is sure to cost you a lot. Thus, in order to make cheap calls to Sri Lanka, you would need an incredible calling plan with reasonable rates being offered to you.

Another possibility of reducing your international phone bills is adopting VoIP technology. Voice over Internet Protocol or in simple words VoIP, allows you to talk over internet lines, in the same manner how information travels over internet. Does this come to your aid at all? Yes, to a large extent. This technology can actually keep your costs down to a great extent, if you want to use features such as call forwarding and caller id. Using digital phones and its services, this technology can actually act as your asset.

To save yourself from going bankrupt, yet ensure communication channels to Sri Lanka remain smooth VoIP can help a lot. Using the internet, you can amass lot of information on various websites that provide affordable calling plans based on VoIP. Initially, you can try registering online with such a website and subscribing to their newsletters and publicity materials to know and stay updated on the various calling plans they offer. The registration process to any of such websites is really simple. All you have to do is follow the step by step process to register yourself with them. This would be followed by installation of the VoIP software, given by the service providers. It is with this software, you can start calling to Sri Lanka or different parts of the world.

All of this is really simple, but you have to be careful before selecting a service provider. It is better to subscribe to the services of a company after doing a detailed research about their offerings. Many a times, these companies offer attractive plans such as free calls or free internet calls, which only stays free in the initial days. After some time, when the bonus calls get over they charge you exorbitantly. You would think you can definitely use their services till the time they offer the free stuff, and shift to something else, right? Unfortunately, you would be used to VoIP technology by then and would not like to switch over to something else. So, you better be careful from the beginning itself in choosing a provider and an appropriate plan.

Since the competition these days is very intense and cut-throat, it is natural for you to fall prey to misleading offers. Just check things beforehand, so you don’t have to end up the wrong side with a bad deal that doesn’t allow you to talk as much as you want with people back home. Check: http://voizza.com/estore/calls-SriLanka.aspx

About the author: Kristina Louis is a freelance content writer. Being an engineering student she loves writing articles related to networking and VOIP technology.