VPS vs Dedicated Hosting, What is the Difference


As the world of computing continues to experience radical changes, cloud computing is being viewed as the future IT. Cloud computing refers to provision of computing services through the internet. However, many people have little or no idea of VPS vs. Dedicated Hosting: What is the Difference? And what are the opportunities in each.


VPS stands for virtual private servers. It is a virtual machine which is provided by a webhosting company but serves the same function as a physical dedicated computer. VPS are enabled by special software which is programmed specifically for web hosting.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is a special type of web hosting where one server hosts only one client. This ensures that the client has full control over the host and it is very flexible. There exist numerous technical and operation difference between VPS and dedicated hosting. Some of these differences include.

VPS vs. Dedicated Hosting:

  • Control – When using a dedicated servers, one is assured of full control of the physical server, since no one else is assigned to the server. All the resources in a dedicated server are meant for one client making it very efficient. On the other hand, when using Virtual private server, one do not have 100% control since other clients may be using the same server. Resources in a virtual private server are shared.
  • Computing power – In dedicated server, the client enjoys more computing powers since the no resources are being shared. For example if a server has a RAM of 4GB, all the memory will be used for one customer. On the other hand resource sharing in virtual private server affects computing performance with the available resources such as memory being shared between various private servers.
  • Cost – From the above differences one may think that the dedicated server is better that virtual private server. Dedicated hosting is much costly as compared to VPS this is because a lot of hardware and software are used only to host one resource. On the other hand, Virtual private servers hosting are cheap due to resources sharing. Basically, very few websites require strong servers in order to run. As a result,many website owners prefer VPS hosting over dedicated server hosting due to economic viability. Many webhosting companies are offering very competitive prices for VPS web hosting in order to attract small business organization that may not have the financial ability of hiring a dedicated server.
  • Customization – There exist no big difference in between dedicated server hosting and VPS. The main difference in customization is determined by whether the operating system runs on a physical hardware or a virtual hardware. The two OS environments are almost the same with a few limitations as defined by the resources present. Most popular support features are available for both types of hosting

From the above differences the following conclusion can be made. First, the choice of which webhosting plan to use should be determined by the nature of one’s website. If a website is busy with high traffic, then dedicated hosting is recommendable. On the other hand if ones website does not require such speed, the VPS is preferable since it is cheap.