What is nano-SIM?

apple nano sim

In the beginning mobiles looked nothing less than brief cases and bricks and their SIM cards were of credit size. With advancement in technology these huge size phones and SIMs also reduced their size and increased the application stored in them. Hence one can say that the reduction of the size of cell phones gave birth to the plug in SIM, smaller SIMs, and further on the Mini-UICC which is also called 3 FF or third form factor. With the launch of iPad by Apple, Micro SIM also known as 3 FF became famous in the worldwide market but this did not stop the SIM miniaturization.
apple nano sim
This has given birth to the 4FF technology also called the Nano SIM. The topic of Nano SIM is the latest discussion at the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. The size of this SIM is 12.3mm by 8.8mm which means that this latest SIM is almost 30% smaller in comparison to the 3FF technology. Moreover the thickness of this SIM is only 0.7mm which again is 15% lesser in comparison to Micro SIM. Moreover Nano SIM gives the device companies a vital benefit of emancipation of extra room for other cell phone. This is in turn can result in bigger batteries or added memory space. Moreover the launch of 4FF also gives birth to slimmer but powerful phone. This Launch has also created a huge tension between the mobile producers like Nokia, RIM, Motorola and Apple.