What is next from Apple? iPad 3 or iPad HD?

iPad HD

New product from Apple:

After months of assumption and guess work, Apple’s well secured secret is finally declared. Rumors were heard that the next baby of Apple will be called iPad 3, but buzz is that the much-awaited next generation iPad will be called iPad HD. The HD autograph instead of iPad 3 wouldn’t be surprising as Apple is well known for tackling simple modifier onto its product names before also.

iPad HD features:

iPad HD
Basically the only new characteristic that seems certain to be composite in the iPad HD is the retina display. Without a doubt, it was surprising that Apple didn’t include it last year in the iPad 2. Retina technology had arrived the previous summer in the iPhone 4.

Some anticipated features of iPad HD are LTE compatibility, ios 5.1, long lasting battery life, NFC near field communication cheapest, more storage capacity – would be having a capacity of 128GB, would be more bulky, better camera, more resistance case etc…

iPad HD specification:

With high-resolution display running at 2,048 by 1536 pixels as compared to current iPads which has much lower resolution 1024 by 768 display, the new iPad should not only be able to devastate the 720p Android competition in terms of video quality but also offer full 1080p playback on a Tablet. In fact, that would make it the only Tablet on the market with that trait. The next iPad will lose the usual numbering system and instead push the devices retina display and will promote its big new feature: the high-definition screen.

iPad HD release date:

iPad HD iPad 3 logoApple is going to give birth to it’s much talked about third generation iPad on Wednesday.

iPad HD price:

The calculation says that the price rate of iPad HD would be starting from $499. But the Mashable source reveals that with reference to the new HD feature and many rumors, the new iPad is going to cost same price as IPad 2.