Why Apple Won’t Stop Android Development

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After the latest released of Android and iOS-based new gadgets, the arguments about what mobile operation system is better have got a new round of development. The majority of mobile users are divided into two groups: those who support Google’s Android and those who are in love with iOS and want Android disappear.

However, to my personal mind, these arguments are almost useless. Google’s Android has taken a very decent part of the mobile market and won’t vanish. And the reasons why will be revealed in this very article.

1) Aiming at different consumers

Even though, both companies are developing mobile operation systems, they do their businesses in a totally different ways.

Apple positions itself as a top-quality company that presents the exclusive gadgets to the best people in the world. Besides, Apple Inc. makes the users wait for a completely new gadget that is delivered approximately once a year. This strategy is based on the desire to emphasize a company’s big leap forward in the mobile development.

For its part, Google underscores the implementation of the most advanced technologies delivering the updates almost on a monthly basis. This strategy also creates a very positive impression for Android run products as the most innovative ones developed for everyone.

2) Price policy

Android applePricing is another thing that makes Android and Apple gadgets so different.
Even though people may buy the latest iPhones at a rather low price they will have to sign a rather costly 2-year contract with the provider. The price for unlocked iPhones can be viewed by many as unreasonably high.

Phone manufacturers that use Android as their OS don’t have to pay for the software use and it leads to significantly lower prices on the devices developed by such giants as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG.

The price policy must be originated from the positioning of the companies described in the previous point.

3) Assets

Even though the financial crisis hasn’t influenced these two corporations greatly, Google has one big advantage over Apple. It is its assets that allow Google to overcome all inner financial problems easier than Apple. Besides, this “openness” of Google stimulates the innovative developments.

And no matter how many lawsuits will be lost or won by Apple, Samsung, or any other mobile company, the further development of iOS and Android is inevitable. And it will be a parallel process, even though today it looks like a death-defying race.

About the author: This post is written by Katherine Merzlova, a copywriter from Intellectsoft. I like to read and write about mobile-related things. Besides, I work with one of the great teams working with iOS development. For more information, visit us or follow us on Twitter @Intellectsoft