Why You Need VPN For Android, Even If You Use Your Phone Carefully

Android VPN

Are you an Android user or planning to buy a new Android phone or tablet? You could have already heard about how secure Android is, being a Linux operating system. It is a well know fact that Google is an overt open source proponent. The Android kernel is quite similar to other Linux kernels that powers a lot of desktop and servers. One could find several anti-virus and anti-malware applications in the Google Play, but your chances of getting a virus or malware on your Android phone or tablet is quite thin. However, you need to be aware about other issues that you might come across in your mobile device. One of the major issues in the Android platform is the quality of applications. Google doesn’t moderate all the applications that are submitted to Google Play, like Apple does. One might find quite some low-quality or spammy applications that are poorly written or loaded with advertisements, you need to read the reviews and rating of this applications.

One other issue that you might face is network security. The network security issue not only restricted to Android devices, but also any kind of mobile device or computer that is exposed to an unprotected network. Since Android devices are mobile, save the set-top boxes, they are highly likely to connect to unprotected network in public places like airports, restaurants, pubs or any place where one can find free Wi-Fi networks. If you travel a lot with your laptop or and use a lot of open public networks, you could already have a VPN program to mask your actual IP address with a UK or USA VPN IP on your laptop. Now that people use their smartphones more than ever before, especially when they are the go, it is in their best interest to install a good VPN for Android application.

We have listed some of reasons you need to use a VPN application on your Android phone.


A VPN application on your Android device can serve the same purpose a VPN application installed on your computer. It ensures that all the data to and from your mobile device is encrypted. Many hackers use open Wi-Fi networks to harvest critical and personal information about people. Even amateur hackers can easily use a free hacking tool to gain access to your device or steal information that are sent to and from your mobile. A good VPN application will not only encrypt the browsing, it will also encrypt all the application data that are sent or received over the Internet.

Restricted content

Some services and content online is restricted to people who live in a certain geographical location. Services like Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify are available only in the U.S. If you are from the U.S. and you are out of country, you don’t have to miss all your favorite shows, or miss out on all the cool services only available in America. You can install a VPN application in your Android tablet phone and use a USA VPN IP to gain access to all the awesome services that you can’t access outside the United States. There are a lot of TV shows and podcasts that are location-restricted, you don’t have to wait for re-broadcasts anymore.

Personal Privacy

Your personal data and privacy is at stake when you are using an unprotected Internet connection. If you are a privacy and security advocate you need to use an Android VPN service to keep all your information safe and secure from prying eyes. Ever since the whistle blower Edward Snowden (former CIA employee) revealed some sensitive information about the spying program of the U.S. government people started given more importance to their privacy and personal information more than ever before. Using a USA VPN service like Switch VPN can actually help keep your personal or private information safe.

Download junkie

With fast Internet connections on mobile devices and a horde of Torrent programs that could be installed on your tablet or phone from Google Play, a lot of people are using their Android mobile devices to download a lot files from peer-to-peer sharing networks. We don’t encourage anyone to download illegally from the Internet, but it is a well know fact that a lot of still using P2P networks to download material that they are not willing to pay for, or simply couldn’t afford. By using a VPN application on your Android device used to download from these kind of networks, one can protect their identity and whereabouts. Better safe then sorry.

You could be a download junkie or a privacy advocate or someone who wants to gain access to location-restricted content or someone who wants to stay protected when you are using the public networks. Do install an Android VPN application on all your Android devices keep yourself protected.