Will it be the desktop or the laptop?

desktop vs laptop

Whenever it comes to discussing technology we find discussions are always steamy and contain boat load of electronic facts all pertaining to advantages over disadvantages; one such debacle we find is the pros and cons of laptops and desktops; hence which one of the two happens to be more advantageous. Though factors state that a desktop is all the more efficient with a larger memory space, wider screen and longer work efficiency, laptops still tend to exceed desktops thereby maintaining a balance hence proving to be as worthy as the PC. Though both have equivalent connectivity, they still maintain differences.

Key Differences

desktop vs laptopOn one hand laptops are portable, mobile and lighter as compared to desktops while on the other hand one can rebuke by adding that desktops can be used for a longer duration of time whereas laptops tend to crash their systems due to heavy duty load. Desktops are costlier whereas laptops are definitely share a lesser expenditure; however maintenance of notebooks needs to be more considerable than desktops. Notebooks have a structural design which can be physically uncomfortable whereas desktops are more or less more equipped since they have a better body frame. Thus raises the question, which is better?