Will Microsoft Surface beat the iPad


A new product launch means a new competitor in the market and if the product is of the same cadre as its rival, consider it a serious one! Now, that’s what is exactly happening with Microsoft’s new tablet – Surface. Ever since it’s unveiling, Surface has been compared to almost every other top tablet devices prevalent in the market. But, the most interesting comparison is with its friendly-neighborhood “iPad”.
Microsoft’s Surface indeed looks promising with its cool features and innovative add-ons. But, can it surpass the revolutionary iPad? Let’s find out (or at least try to):

The “Key” Feature:

One of the fascinating innovative features of Surface is its attachable-ultra slim keyboard. If you ask me, Microsoft was wise in understanding the frustration people underwent while typing using their on-screen keyboard. So, this smart move from the company might prove as one of the key advantages in posing a good challenge to the iPad. Unlike the other removable Keyboards that are available over the market, Surface’s keyboard is a magnetically attachable peripheral device which can be even used as a cover for the Surface’s screen. Measuring just around 3mm to 5mm in thickness, the keyboard will be available in different vibrant colors as well. So, could this be the USP of Surface?

Build & design:

Apple has nailed its sleek design into people’s mind so hard that any other tablet looks comparatively dull and ill-designed. But, not Surface guys! This Windows RT powered tablet is equally compact and stylish as its rival and in fact, it is even an inch longer. Both the tablets have comparatively similar mass and measurement, but the feature that seems to give Microsoft an added advantage is it’s display. The company claims that the display, measuring around 10.6 inches has the same aspect ratio as that of a movie screen. So, that means there is going to be no more envelopes and boxes while watching movies over this Surface.

Processor and Ports:

Surface will run on an Intel i5 processor (Apple runs on a custom A5X processor) and will presumably have 128 Gigabytes of internal storage memory. This is twice the storage space of iPad, which has just 64 GB of space. Another factor that adds to the advantage of Surface is the number of USB ports. The lack of USB ports in iPad has always been much into talks and Microsoft seems to have taken advantage over it. The device will have two USB serial ports with a USB 2.0 speed on the RT version and a higher USB 3.0 speed on the Pro version. The tablet will also have a Wi-Fi connectivity option.

The iFactor:

Though, Microsoft has a number of features to its credit that Apple doesn’t’ have, the iPad has a single dominating feature over the Surface and that is– “it’s an Apple product”. Now, this is a company which showed the whole world what a real tablet looks like. We have been used to the iPad and have indeed started felling cozy with the “series of iTablets”, so, any new device that arrives in the market will seem a little low (let’s hope it’s not the same with Surface).


It is pretty soon to come up with a conclusion whether Surface will truly surpass iPad or not. So, all we can say for now is that, the two tech-giants who posed serious and interesting challenge against each other over the computer market are all set to pose a fresh season of challenges over the tablet market! Though Surface has a fair chance of surpassing the iPad, let’s be patient and discover as to which is indeed a better device.

About the author: This is a guest post by Jem Larson of buyVerizon.com, a site that offers savings and current information on FiOS, as well as Verizon.com services.