Information Technology Trends

September, 2012

Tablet Sales to Surpass Netbooks by 2017


A few years from now, your current laptop or notebook could be as outdated as the 8-track player collecting dust in the basement. But this doesn’t mean that notebook computers will be extinct by year 2016, though sales of notebooks are expected to fall short of tablet sales at the end of this decade, based […]

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Why Apple Won’t Stop Android Development

Android apple

After the latest released of Android and iOS-based new gadgets, the arguments about what mobile operation system is better have got a new round of development. The majority of mobile users are divided into two groups: those who support Google’s Android and those who are in love with iOS and want Android disappear. However, to […]

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Top 10 Hottest Smart Phones in 2013


Throughout the last few years, smartphones have completely dominated the cellular phone market. Nowadays, there are many smartphone options, which makes it a big challenge for an individual to choose the best device. Amidst all these choices, you may find yourself not being able to make a decision. Here is a list of ten of […]

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Playing Poker Game in Live Casino

Playing Poker

Playing in a live casino is very different from playing in online poker sites from the comfort of your home. There are many important things that you should know and understand before you finally sit & play. First thing that you need to do is to sign in at the desk and inform the host […]

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Trends In Software Development

Trends In Software Development

Software development is a modern invention, dating back to a theory proposed by Alan Turing in 1935. Since then, many advances have revolutionized the computing landscape. This has led to very large and complex software engineering projects. As a software engineering project grows in complexity, so too grows the need for a structured approach in […]

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Travel Apps for iPads – Must for Travelers


You love travelling. But when the time comes to pack your bags and give a start, several questions click in your mind, especially when you are travelling overseas. How to go? Where to accommodate? What to eat? What to carry? What to shop? Your problems can be solved if you have an iPad with you. […]

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Prioritizing Your Work on a WordPress Site: What Matters?


If you’re managing a site based on the WordPress platform, some of the most tedious aspects of website administration are taken care of for you. In fact, this is one of the reasons that WordPress is so popular as a content management system. With all of that time on your hands, however, you can make […]

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iBall Andi 5c smartphone


The smartphone market is crammed with manufacturers who promise to give you something different. Innovation driven and highly competitive, this market has seen enormous growth in the last few years as more and more people convert to the smartphone cult. And just when you think the market does not have room for another player, something […]

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The iPhone 5


Apple fans restlessly awaiting the release of the next gen iPhone, rejoice! The much awaited iPhone5 is slated to hit the markets in September 2012, specifically, on the 21st. This announcement comes very shortly after US Courts verdict found Samsung guilty of copying the hardware and software innovations brought out by Apple in their iOS […]

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