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November, 2012

Top Reasons to Buy iPhone 4

Reasons to Buy iPhone 4

iPhone 4 is the new generation phone with some great features and outstanding look. According to Apple, it is the best developed iPhone compared to the former models of iPhone. Many advanced characteristics have been included in the iPhone 4 which makes it one of the best handsets for the gadget lovers. Here are some […]

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Hands On with Zen Ultratab A900


The Zen Ultratab A900 was launched recently; it’s a powerful tablet with a satiny finish good looking and strong body, but the performance is just fair to middling. For that reason, you should take a look at other tablets available in this price range, and believe me you have loads of options. Features and Looks […]


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PocketBook’s new Front-lit 8-inch E-reader


We live in the Digital Era where the way we communicate and carry out our routine activities has undergone a drastic change. Talk about change and one aspect that has undergone a sea change is people’s reading habits. People from all walks of life are depending on the various forms of technology to educate and […]

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How Cardiac Patients Can Make Use of Smartphone Technology


The number of uses for today’s smartphones continues to become increasingly variable. Currently available software titles and hardware adapters have made smartphones particularly useful for cardiac patients. The medical community has become more aware of the vital monitoring capabilities of the most popular mobile devices currently on the market. Using specialized applications, smartphones can monitor […]

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Samsung Bundles Assassins Creed 3 with SSD 840 to Boost Sales

Samsung Bundles Assassins Creed 3 with SSD 840

The 840 family of SSDs has at last hit the market. The manufacturers, Samsung Electronics America Incorporated announced commencement of sales on 7 November 2012. Samsung, it may be remembered as one of the leading manufacturers of home electronic products with a worldwide sales footprint. The other product included in the family is 840 Pro […]

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Essential Web Design Tips for Startups


Web designing is one of the tasks that small business owners or startups are anxious about. It is exciting in one way to see the website take form slowly but without a proper design, all the efforts will be in vain. Your website provides a virtual reception to your customers and hence it is of […]

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We have all heard the arguments on how the Internet has changed our lives. A topic that is not discussed quite as frequently, however, is that of how the Internet itself has changed, and how it has been changed by its own internal innovations. A notorious example is the way in which the advent of […]

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9 Most Expensive Gadgets


Technology is changing rapidly. Every day numerous gadgets are released into the market with stunning features. Gadgets became the part of human life which reduces human effort and time. They became one the essential means to survive in this competitive world. The 9 most expensive gadgets are Golden iPad The world’s most expensive gadget golden […]

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Use VPN to Avoid Restrictions Online


Being able to connect to the web may seem simple and easy to do but how many of you will actually connect to the web safely? Very few which is why most of you today are seeking out the talents of a virtual private network or VPN as many of you will know it. Using a virtual […]

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