Digital Storm’s New Bolt Gaming PC


Digital Storm has just announced the launch of what it claims to be the most powerful gaming PC on the planet yet. That claim includes not only the power of the machine, and seemingly they are talking a lot about its size as well. That the Bolt from Digital Storm is specially built with gaming in mind is acceptable to a large Diaspora of users. The claim, that they are the thinnest needs to be taken with a pinch of salt, however. But it has everything in it to suggest that gaming was high on their agenda when the product was conceptualized.

For those who are wondering how thin is considered as thin, the New Bolt Gaming PC is about three and one half inch wide and a little more than 13 inch tall. The depth too is about a little more than 13 inches giving the sides a square look. In appearance, this Gaming PC is certainly something to talk about, but that is not what users will be looking at when they sink their money into it. In terms of performance, if we are to go by those who had the opportunity to lay their hands on, it certainly is very desirable. Much however will depend in the days ahead as we receive more reports from users.

From a technical point of view everything seems to be what the manufacturers claim it is. It has an Intel Core i7 3770K quad-core processor capable of being run up to 4.6 GHz, a scalable 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce graphics topped up with a 1TB hard disk to give the machine a rightful claim. And what is more, there is enough space to accommodate 5 disks in all when you want to upgrade over and above the 1 TB built into it at the time of buying. The price you will have to pay for all that of course is going to be pretty high however.
Digital Storm's New Bolt Gaming PC
Of course the Bolt will be receiving some competition from other competing products unrelated to PC as such, especially the iPad with its mobile experience. However, what will turn in favor of this console are the performance parameters and the fuller richer experience they give on a big screen. The other important factor in favor of this console is the just plug and play feature. There is hardly anything to download or install, like a driver for instant. With the NVDIA you don’t even have to do that little setting you will have to do in non-dedicated computers. Everything is fair and simple and very transparent.

It may be of interest to know that the road to Bolt becoming a grand success is full of bumps and potholes, but the fact that the days of cloud gaming is not too far away may be comforting for the manufacturers. The other reason why PCs will find favor with gamers is that internet speeds and hardware prices seem to be going down day by day. Whether buyers prefer the entry level model priced less than $1000 or prefer to buy with a complement of gizmos is yet to be seen, considering that it is too early to judge the market as of now. Cloud gaming when it becomes a reality will surely drive sales up, some tech gurus say. For all we know, they may be right, cloud gaming is only in its infancy with bright hopes for the future.

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