How to Share Your Home Movies with Others


If you’re a creative person, or just a proud parent, there’s a good chance you make home videos. There’s also a good chance that you’d like to share these videos with family and friends. Whether you upload your videos to YouTube or burn them to a disc, it’s easy to share your home videos. The following are a few ways to share your home movies with others.


If you have videos that inform people, YouTube is a wonderful place to share your videos. Not only do millions of people visit YouTube, but it’s easy to use as well. You can even setup a channel to feature all your videos in one spot. People can then easily share the videos with their friends through email, Facebook, Twitter, or by embedding the video on their own blog or website.


Vlogs are a wonderful alternative to the average blog. A vlog is a video blog and just like a blog it revolves around one topic and needs to be updated regularly in order to attract more viewers. For example, you might post a daily video about haircare or even puppy training. Find a niche that is popular and you’ll be an internet sensation in no time.

DVD-R Discs

If you want to share videos with your family, you can still use the options above, but if you want things to be more personal, a DVD-R disc is a wonderful option. This is especially great for long videos or videos that family will want to treasure forever, such as video of a grandchild walking for the first time.

Flash Drives

Flash drives are available with with a few hundred gigs worth of space. This not only allows you to add one video, but several. You can even save high definition videos to large flash drive with no problem. Large flash drives can be pricey, but if you’re sharing videos with family, you could use the video and flash drive to create a wonderful holiday gift.


Last, but not least, you can also share home videos on Facebook. It can take a while to load videos and the videos can’t be too long, but this is a great way to share short videos with your friends and family, you can even control who sees the video.

Home videos can range from instructional videos to footage of your child. Either way, you may want to share these videos with others. This is easy to do thanks to today’s technology. Whether you want to save videos to a disc or post videos through a vlog, you can share your home videos with others.

About the author: QUinton Norrix loves making home movies, especially where his children are concerned. He always has a box of dvd r discs handy and uses them to make copies to send to the grandparents!