Productivity Tools to Help You Get Organize


In this age wherein the whole knowledge of the world can be accessed with just a simple Google search, there is simply no excuse for unproductivity. Anyone can enrich their minds on any subject that they desire just by diving into the ocean of resources and educational material that the Internet provides.

But the wealth of online information has a major downside- it is a provider of distractions and other time-wasters.
Thankfully, there are also a lot of tools out there that can help people block distractions and regain control of their time. Here are a few great examples:

Time Tracking

Desktime allows people to see exactly where their time goes throughout the day. The usual time tracking features are present, but Desktime’s highlight is its ability to track productivity . When added into a browser, the Desktime extension automatically tracks the websites and software that a person visits and uses, then classifies it into three categories: Productive, Neutral, Unproductive (the websites’ categories can be changed in the web dashboard).

Though desgined for use in a corporate office setting, there is a free version of Desktime that can be used by a sole individual.
For devotees of the Pomodoro Technique- a time management method wherein worktime is divided into 25-minute blocks (also called as “pomodoros”), they might find Pomodairo incredibly useful. Unlike other PT software that only act as a timer, Pomodairo allows people to label their Pomodoros, as well as define their length (and that of the rest periods). There is also an option for customizing the sound of the alarm.

Goal Setting

Calling Trello as a mere goal setting tool is a huge disservice to its founders. Trello is an all-in-one project management tool with an easy to use, intuitive, interface. Tasks are grouped into “cards” (which people can further classify into groups). These cards can then contain more information that is related to the task, like its description, deadline, related files, links, and pictures.
For those who don’t like the complications of a full-featured project management tool, then Wunderlist will do nicely for them. The premise behind Wunderlist is simple: add a goal and set a deadline for it. The tool, which can be synced across a variety of devices, will remind people when deadlines are nearing. Wunderlist is easy, fast, and without frills that anyone- from elementary students to entrepreneurs- can use it instantly.

Specialized Tools

For Real Estate Professionals:
Everything that a real estate professional needs to manage clients, can be found in LockedOn. It’s not just a mere real estate software or task management tool, it is full of features that is geared towards those who are working in real estate like the ability to submit to online listings, flag leads, and create sales presentations (the tool already provides marketing and sales templates that are geared toward real estate).

For Social Media Managers

This tool is for those who use social media in their marketing campaigns. It functions like Evernote and Pinterest: people get to organize the pictures, text, and other content that they found on the web, and curate it onto their social media accounts.

If you are more of a smartphone user you can find various apps that can help you out, here you can find list of 20 apps for Android and iOS.