Top 10 gadgets for graphic designers

gadgets for graphic designers

A graphic designer may make use of both job related tools and work related tools, as the graphic designer has some problems similar to all workers. The graphic designer is just as liable to forget something as a plumber, and is just as likely to oversleep in a morning. Here are ten gadgets that you will find useful if you are a full time graphic designer.

1. Kodak Easyshare Digital Frame

Show the world your designs and have them on a rotating slideshow. You can put them in your office so that visitors are forced to look at your work. You can put them in your waiting room or even in your Windows at home if you like. They can continuously show people how good your graphic design work is.

2. Logitech K810 Illuminated Keyboard

This is a Windows 8 keyboard that uses Bluetooth instead of wires and can be adapted to work on a lot of mobile devices. It has illuminated keys which are very handy if you are the type of designer that likes to work in the dark. Most of the functions you need are done with a stylus or mouse, but pressing keys in the dark is harder without illumination.

3. mStand For MacBook

If you use a laptop in order to do your designing, then this is going to help you a lot because it can put your laptop screen into positions that usually only suit a PC monitor. It can hold a laptop steady in an elevated position so you may keep it as far away from you as needed, and avoids clutter if you are not typing.

4. Optimus Popularis Keyboard

This is a piece of kit that acts as a further keyboard. It has jelly-like crystal keys that has symbols etc. But, its main function for a graphic designer is that the keys may be macro’ed to functions on their software. The extra keyboard may provide quicker functions than if you macro’ed your keyboard keys as you often have to macro to key combinations instead of just one key.

5. Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard

This is the sort of gadget you can use when you are on a train or when you are somewhere where pulling out a keyboard is going to make your life difficult or where it is just not a social norm to do so. It allows you to type by simply pressing on a flat surface as it projects the keys for you.

6. Inkscape

This is a free program that you can use for graphic design. It is very similar to the paid software called Adobe Illustrator, but it is a free program. It is well known enough to have tutorials on its use littered around the Internet, and it is still being updated now and again so it is not as if the software is sat on a server getting old and rotting.

7. Flash Drive Combination Lock

This is a fun little gadget that a graphic designer can use to keep his or her files safe on a flash drive. It is not actually as secure as it looks because if you crack the case of the flash drive then you can remove the lock. But, at least this way the graphic designer will know that his or her files have been looked at or compromised.

8. Mimi Mini USB Monitor

This is a great device that looks like a tablet device. It is placed on a stand next to your PC monitor or laptop screen and is connected to your desktop computer with a USB wire connection. It allows you to have a whole other screen that you can reference whilst working. Put your plans for your design on there and you can look at them whilst keeping your desktop screen all to yourself.

9. Bamboo Pad

The device does its job and does it well, but it really depends on the graphic designer’s style as to whether he or she uses this. It is a pad you lay on the desk and draw on with the stylus in order to control objects on the screen. If the designer is using a drag-and-drop system then this sort of thing may come in very handy.

2. Apple iPad

Apple has made lots of effort to try and attract business users as well as private users. This is why the iPad may be of use to a graphic designer. The way of the wind says that most graphic designers are going to have some excuse for having a tablet, even if it is just to show off their portfolio, so why not consider the iPad.

About the author: Kate Funk is a freelance writer at She is mainly focusing on technology, gadgets and all the latest trends which are interesting for networking enthusiasts.