VoIP Communications: Designed to Help Your Business Grow


If you are old enough to remember three decades ago and how it was to make long distance phone calls, then you will agree that telephone communications have changed a great deal and have certainly come a long ways in over thirty years. There is a whole new concept in the telephone communications industry. It is called VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP is basically a way to make telephone calls over a broadband Internet connection.

VoIP is taking the telephone communications industry by storm. The main reason the businesses are using this latest technology is because it is much cheaper to make long distance calls on this service as compared to the old traditional way. In addition, there are so many features that comes with the service such as 3 way calling, caller ID and call forwarding, just to name a few.

VoIP has been around since the 1970’s but has not been useful until recently when broadband connections cam out. Trying to use VoIP through dial up was just not practical. However, within the last four or five years, broadband was offered to businesses and residential area through their satellite company, cable provider or DSL business.

VoIP makes long distance calls inexpensive for businesses. You can call overseas and get a flat rate that is really affordable. It also helps your business by growing into the global market. The world is forever changing so it is important that you keep in touch with customers overseas in areas such as India, Russia and China. Believe it or not, you will pay about the same rate to call to say China with VoIP as you would to make a long distance call in the United States.

Another major benefit of VoIP for businesses is that anywhere you have an Internet connection; you can use VoIP business phones. This is great if your company has you traveling often. You can be overseas in London and make a call back to your headquarters should something critical emerge. With VoIP, your business runs 24 hours a day no matter where in the world you are.

Voice over Internet Protocol can assist in making your company more productive. For this reason, VoIP is the best small office phone system. Being mobile is essential in business with technology the way it is in today’s world. It is crucial that you are able to answer telephone calls, respond to emails and perform internet research. With VoIP, you can transfer calls to your email so that when you are not available, you can still be accessible to the outside world.

Another huge benefit of VoIP in helping your business grow is that it improves customer service. Say your small business is not staffed to answer phone calls all day. That isn’t a problem with VoIP. You can take phone calls even though you are not in the office. VoIP make is possible for one phone number to call several other lines if the first line is busy. If you own a business, you need VoIP in order to grow your business.

About the author: Stella Wilson contributes about the importance of small business phone systems and also introduced cloud based telephone systems which are a great advantage for enterprise communication.