What is Google Drive?

Google drive

Google Drive also known as a cloud storage overhaul which is in the developing phase as per the industry rumor. This is an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), which can be compared to S3 online storage overhaul of Amazon.

Although the rumors about Google Drive also known as G-Drive or Google Cloud Storage overhaul is yet to be confirmed by Google but this technology has already created a spark among the computer users and businesses. This is an online service for accessing and storing data on infrastructure of Google. The application is a combination of Google cloud’s scalability and performance that comes with advanced sharing and security capabilities. According to industrial analysts the incorporation of other systems and services of Google such as Google Analytics, Picassa, Google Video, Google+, YouTube, Android, Chrome and Gmail gives it an added advantage in comparison to its other competitors in various markets. It is said to provide its user a flawless browser-based edge between the end user’s applications and files.
Google drive
Google Drive can be said to be Interoperability as it is a hub that has various other cloud storage libraries and tools which function with services like Eucalyptus Systems and Amazon S3. Moreover the G-Drive is said to be more consistency as it provides a strong and atomic read after write uniformity for every upload operations. The bucket and object access on G-Drive is manage by ACL or access control list which comprises of just one or more codes, each one conceding a particular authorization to a process. With Google Drive one can resume uploads in case of interruption or communication failure.