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August, 2012

IPad Contracts – Are These the Best Options


IPad is one of the most amazing devices that have successfully entered into the mobile phone market. In fact, people are so crazy about this device that they are probably ready to go to any extent in order to have one for their use. If you have already invested in an iPad, you should think […]

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Outlook as the new personal email service


Keep a close look out, here comes Outlook!, Microsoft’s latest web-based email platform (launched in the beginning of August 2012), is an invigorating step up from Hotmail and the company’s newest tactic to stave off the challenge from Gmail. So does Outlook deliver the goods as a reliable personal email service? Coming from a […]

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The best widgets your WordPress blog should have


WordPress widgets are also called as WordPress plugins, provide features such as adding interactivity selections and visitor visual options, like a side bar widget used for navigation and tag clouds purposes. The widgets were originally intended for providing a simple and user friendly method to structure and control for the design of the WordPress Theme […]

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Bloggers’ Park: How to get recognition in blogging?


There are millions of blogs spread all over the Internet offering help, support, services, entertainment, information, education and pretty much everything under the sun. Blogging isn’t simply a hobby anymore with people chronicling their daily life or sharing their thoughts. It has evolved into much more. Blogs are now used as platforms by businesses to […]

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5 cool gadgets that accessorize your phone in passion


Mobile phones are always known for their importance in our lives especially when it comes for measuring our love for gadgets. Iconic perfection is matured at all stages in our lives wherein we want to look ideal! In this competitive market, mobile phone companies are also in a hoard of pushing up technologies inbuilt or […]

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Book Apps- A Perfect Way for Children to Read and Learn


The smartphones have introduced revolutionary trends in today’s modern times. From entertainment to education, from fashion to health and from security to hobby, the smartphone apps provide it all! Not only adults, even toddlers and preschoolers are now benefited by smartphone apps. The apps that are beneficial to them are the Book apps. These kinds […]

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What are the main sections of a business?


Most businesses, big or small are split into distinct sections. With larger corporations, these sections are usually quite typical across the board and can comprise the following… Delivery This is the part of the business that is customer-facing; acting as the delivery vehicle for the actual service. Its members manage the clients, liaising with others […]

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Will Microsoft Surface beat the iPad


A new product launch means a new competitor in the market and if the product is of the same cadre as its rival, consider it a serious one! Now, that’s what is exactly happening with Microsoft’s new tablet – Surface. Ever since it’s unveiling, Surface has been compared to almost every other top tablet devices […]

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How to add a retro effect to pictures using pixlr-o-matic?


Do you know what’s common between a Wine and a photograph? Both get better and better when they age, when they become old. Yes, “Vintage” – they say! A vintage wine is probably the most superior wines of all and needless to say about the old photographs; those memories and moments that each photographs bear […]

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Apple’s Next Phone Predictions

Apple Next Phone

Up until 1977 there was only ‘one apple’ that most people across the globe knew. But the monopoly was broken in 1977 when a technology startup company was incorporated as Apple Inc. Though it was a developmental stage company for a decade or so, it was not too long before it started to grab the […]

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