5 Best GPS APPS For Android


In all of the hoopla over the latest iPhone, one of the biggest stories was what went wrong with it, namely the built-in GPS navigation application, which was a mess. Android users, on the other hand, have had a plethora of choices when it comes to GPS navigation apps at their disposal. Here are 5 of the best and most popular.

Google Maps Navigation

Google Maps is obviously one of, if not the, most popular GPS navigation system. It is readily available for Android 1.6 and above users to download. It comes complete with the features that Google Maps is known for, such as Street and Satellite View, and the newly launched Indoor View as well.


Telenav Navigation is as exciting in its developments as iPhone navigation apps. Though the basic version of Telenav has been available to Android users, this year they launched their new Telenav Scout application and made it compatible for Android. Features such as voice-recognition dashboard and turn-by-turn voice navigation, along with Premium Traffic data and Red Light Camera which will help users maneuver through traffic.


The main feature of Wisepilot is that it allows users to plan out longer trips by managing trips online. This allows them to plan all of their stops, including for gas, food and lodging. The rest of the system is top-notch; however it is not a free application, so that is a drawback.


The interesting feature of this GPS application is that it allows users to organize and configure daily tasks around your location. For example, a user can set changes automatically based on where you are: for example, you can program it so that once you enter your home your alarm is set, once you enter work it goes to silent. Some of the features are more about cosmetic fun, such as your screensaver changing to local scenery once you enter a specific destination. This is a cool, fun app that users seem to love.


Loopt is popular for Android users because it allows them to navigate between their fellow users’ GPS navigation systems. Features include location updating to help find nearby friends, monitor traffic for delays, and update your own location on popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
These are just a sampling of the GPS applications for Android users. There are many more which will help any user get to where they need to go, and have fun while doing it.

About the author: Rob Pell is an independent writer writing on behalf of Simplifydigital, the UK broadband, digital TV and home phone experts. Simplifydigital are accredited by Ofcom and provide independent consumer advice on digital services.