Benefits Of Computer Antivirus


Having a good antivirus installed on your computer can make a huge difference. Every day new viruses are made, and are released over the internet. They are designed in such a way that they will steal information from your computer, and harm your computer to the point of no return. Saving your computer from threats should be your top priority. Apart from just providing security to the computer against virus, an anti-virus also offers important features like firewalls, in depth scan to provide complete security for your computer. Your computer stores various sensitive information like your credit card details, online banking details, email passwords that if get into wrong hands, can do severe damage. There have been cases of online identity thefts, where an email id of a person was used to send threat mails, or the online banking information was stolen for performing online shopping from the victims account. Key logger, a very famous type of malicious code caused great havoc by stealing information from a computer. This application makes a log of all the key strokes that you make on the keyboard, and emails that log to the owner, who can use the information to have financial gains. A good antivirus can detect the presence of a key logger can prevent online thefts. You can get more information about computer antivirus log on

Given below are some of the most important benefits of antivirus software:

Protection from viruses:

The most basic use, and the biggest advantage of using an antivirus application on the computer is that it will prevent the computer from any kind of infection from malicious code like Trojans, spyware, key loggers and malware. Viruses’ ranges in variety from being complete harmless to crippling the computer system. A virus can not only erase valuable data from your computer but can also make your computer completely useless by infecting and crippling processes required for normal functioning of the computer.

Protecting personal information:

Protection of person information while using them online is the biggest concern of the antivirus companies. A good anti- virus application will protect all your personal information while you use them on the internet, thus saving your information like bank details, and credit card details from hackers. The standard firewall feature in your antivirus will block any unauthorized connection to your computer or network. This will prevent hackers from latching on to your network, and on your computer.

Cost efficient:

There are many antiviruses that are priced quite high, there are some antivirus applications that are cheap or are free. These antiviruses provide comprehensive security in the same manner as the other subscription based security software. Even if you opt for an antivirus where you have to pay for the program and subscription, it is worth the money; they will keep your computer safe from infection and will extend the life of your computer. A better computer means you will need to purchase computer less frequently than those who opt not to use antivirus.


Many people find running regular computer scans and worrying about the security of the computer inconvenient and unnecessary. But this is wrong. A computer without proper antivirus software is an open invitation for virus and hackers to take complete control of the computer. Regular virus infections in the computer will result in premature wear and tear of the system, and it will show significant changes like slowing down in performance, and even simple computing operation will take more time to complete, causing more hassles. Even if in the worst scenario of your computer getting infected by a virus, and you don’t have antivirus protection installed in the system, it can create a complete havoc. You will not only waste time in finding the virus but also delete it, and restore any damage done by the virus. Even after deletion of the virus there is still no guarantee to virus getting completely removed from the computer. However, with the help of real time antivirus software, you won’t need to worry about it. Once a virus is detected, it will simply show you a notification of detection of virus, and will ask for your permission to delete it.

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