Bloggers’ Park: How to get recognition in blogging?


There are millions of blogs spread all over the Internet offering help, support, services, entertainment, information, education and pretty much everything under the sun. Blogging isn’t simply a hobby anymore with people chronicling their daily life or sharing their thoughts. It has evolved into much more. Blogs are now used as platforms by businesses to market their products and by entrepreneurs to kick start their startups. It’s a bloggers’ park out there and very few are able to stand out from the crowd and make a mark. When used to its full potential, blogging can make you and your blog famous. Here are some of the ways you can employ to get recognized in the world of blogging.

SEO or search engine optimization can do wonders for the visibility of your blog. Search engines like Google crawl all over the Internet and rank blogs and websites on how keyword-rich they are. The more keyword-specific your blogposts are to your industry or area of interest, the higher search engines will rank you. Higher rankings lead to increased visibility for your blog, making it widely recognizable. This however, does not mean that you write solely for the purpose of SEO. Your blog ultimately will be read by people, so be as subtle about your keywords as possible.

After you’re done writing rich, keyword-specific blogposts and are patiently waiting for search engines to work their magic, you should set about promoting your content on various social media platforms available online. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are powerful tools to spread your content quickly and effortlessly. By simply publishing regular updates of your blog on these platforms you can make your blog recognizable to a large audience.

Another simple yet effective way to spread the word is to generate backlinks to your blog by publishing articles on document sharing websites. Through content sharing websites like docstoc, scribd and authorstream you can build valuable backlinks to your blog. These websites are also favored by Google, thus ensuring further visibility of your blog.

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There are bloggers who feel that they’re doing everything right in terms of SEO, publishing on social networks and bookmarking websites and spreading links to their blog all over the Internet and yet find themselves without substantial readership. While these methods can do wonders to increase your visibility on search engines and get you more visitors, their chances of working are only as good as the quality of your content. Having superior quality content is the single most important thing for any blog to work, let alone be famous. All the other ways to make your blog more recognizable are futile if you don’t produce high-quality, engaging content that readers can’t wait to keep coming back to. To write the most appropriate content make sure you know your target audience and what they want.

Consistency is an important trait to have if you want to be a successful blogger. Being regular with posting content is essential to keep readers hooked. Although there is ample opportunity for everyone in the world of blogging, it is still competitive out there and if you start to slack, your readers will go elsewhere. But be sure to value quality over quantity and not inundating your blog with content without any substance.

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