BSNL tablet: Penta IS701, Features and Specifications

BSNL tablet: Penta IS701

Owing a Tablet for a really low price was never so easy; however with the launch of BSNL tablet: Penta IS701 this dilemma has been solved for people who thought that tablets were a luxury and possession of the rich. Although the launch of Ubislate 7 or Aakash 2 Tab brought smile on many faces but here are a few reason why you need to choose BSNL tablet: Penta IS701 over any other Tablet.

BSNL tablet: Penta IS701


The processor in comparison to Aakash tab is much better as Ubislate 7 operates on 700 MHz processor.

Integral HDMI port:

This Tablet has an Integral HDMI port through which one can directly connect to a LED or LEC monitor or any other gadget that supports HDMI port.

Inbuilt camera:

T-Pad IS701R has an inbuilt camera of 0.3 mp which is not available in Aakash Tabs. Although not a high graded camera latest it is there.

A complete android market shore up:

In comparison to Aakash Tab, this tablet is a complete android market shore up which means one now not only owns a tab but can also download games and connect to the internet.

Better screen resolution:

You can now view pictures more clearly with T pad IS701R as it comes with a better screen resolution of 800*600 than Aakash Tabs which has a resolution of 800*480.

Enhanced gaming experience:

T-Pad IS701R comes with a G-Sensor which now allows you to play 3D games and rotate the screen. Get an enhanced gaming experience for a much cheaper price in comparison to those expensive tabs like Samsung Galaxy, Sony, etc. This tablet also supports Adobe Flash 10.3.

Price of BSNL Penta T-PAD IS701R in India is Around Rs.3,250/-

The price is valid in all major cities of India including Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkota, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Noida and Pune.