Is Cloud Computing Catching On?

cloud computing

If you have an iTunes account, Netflix account, or account, you are engaging in cloud computing. While some people do not quite understand what cloud computing is or how it works, close to 76 percent of consumers have used cloud computing. The number of people using cloud computing on a daily basis for data storage is also rising. Businesses are starting to understand the importance of cloud computing; technology companies like Dell are building data centers to hold consumer storage information.

Understanding Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is unique in its own way. Cloud computing allows a person to use the Internet to handle their computing needs. Basically, you can access programs and data through the internet without downloading programs. The cloud is a large network of computers that all provide the functionality to a single computer user. A person can now purchase an unlimited amount of movies, music, books, and other data while storing it all on their cloud program. This means that you no longer need to have stacks of CDs lying around the house, or shelves to hold your books and DVD collection–the cloud saves you space. It also makes it convenient for you to access this information anywhere with Internet access.

Parts of Cloud Computing

cloud computing

The cloud computing world is made up of three components. First, the foundation is the main infrastructure that your system runs on. The infrastructure is connected to all the various hosts that offer cloud computing. Second, you have the platform, which is the server system for the cloud. Third, you have the applications that are part of the cloud server. These applications can be uploaded or downloaded from the server, much like you find with a dedicated server system.

Where is Cloud Computing

While some people recognize what cloud computing actually is, others are still new to the feature even though they probably have used cloud computing. If you have an email account with a webmail service like Hotmail or gmail, you are using cloud computing. Online storage is becoming more popular as there is no longer a need to purchase external hard drives. All tasks can be done right from a computer or mobile device with Internet access.

This makes data back-up easier for businesses and individuals alike. No longer do companies need to worry about paying for dedicated server systems to house their valuable information; now, they can use cloud computing. This makes it convenient for customers that need to gain access to their files. Cloud computing adds additional value to businesses and individuals by enabling people to work from home. Many companies are finding that it is cheaper to allow their employees remote access to the files from the cloud. This saves them money and time as they don’t have to pay for extra office space and additional employees’ needs.

While still growing in popularity with schools, medical offices, and other organizations, privacy concerns remain an issue. Always research the provider’s privacy information when using cloud computing to help determine whether your personal data will be compromised.

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