Is Texting slowly dominating over calling?

Texting slowly dominating over calling

Is Texting slowly dominating over calling? If you were to go by the results of a recent survey conducted in the UK then the answer is yes, texting is dominating calling. Here are some astonishing outcomes of the survey. When asked if they preferred texting or calling, teens were clear in their views that texting was more beneficial than calling in many ways. In fact, 67% of the teens said they preferred communicating with friends via text messages to calling. 28% of them said they preferred calling to texting as it is time-saving. The remaining 5% of the teens were in favor of both texting and calling.

Not so surprisingly, 78% of the text-using teens said they preferred voice communication to texting when they talked to their parents and other elderly people in the family. Just 18% of the text-users gave a different opinion that they communicated with their parents via text messages while 4% of them said they equally preferred both texting and calling.

Text messages are now much more fun and interactive than it was previously. There are several reasons why the younger generation prefers texting to calling. The main advantage of texting is that it is a cost-free option for teens to communicate with each other. Moreover, texting allows greater privacy and undisturbed interaction. It is always safe to communicate with close friends and partners via texting when parents are around. When phone conversations could be overheard, texting gives more privacy as it can’t be heard or seen by the neighbor. Moreover, texting is also a great way to keep in touch with friends. A simple forward message is all you need to remind that person that you are still there.

Texting is advantageous than calling in situations when it is not possible to talk. For example, it is easy for teens to exchange information in places that are either too noisy or at places that demand silence. For example, texting can be done at movie malls, noisy public places etc to convey a message to a family member or friend. Texting can be used to start an interaction as well.

Texting slowly dominating over callingTexting can be done quietly without causing any kind of disturbance. As it does not make noise or any background noise, it makes it easy for the user to conceal his or her whereabouts.

Some teens are of the view that texting brings more clarity as the words on screen can be read and felt. Young lovers feel that texting gives them more freedom to communicate with each other during any time of the day, including late night. Texting also overcomes the awkward moments that people experience in phone conversations. When people are into a serious discussion, there is always a possibility that words may be misinterpreted. This doesn’t happen with texting because people have the time to think and type what is exactly in their minds.

In conclusion, texting is an easy way to communicate with friends as it doesn’t disrupt the regular flow of daily life. The final word is that texting can be more helpful to keep in touch with long-time friends while calling is more appropriate to convey an important message.

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